Menacing charge no joke for truck driver

Tamara Miller

A truck driver said he was just joking when he threatened to shoot employees at the American Gypsum plant over a new loading policy. Instead of a laugh, the driver was cited for felony menacing.

The driver allegedly first made the “joke” on March 25, when a plant employee informed him of a new loading procedure. The driver allegedly told the employee he would get a “big gun and shoot the place up” if he had to comply.

A few days later, on March 30, the driver allegedly made the threat again while complaining about the policy. He also allegedly threatened to burn the plant down.

The plant employee reported the incident to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and told deputies he was so afraid of the driver he was considering skipping work the next day.

When contacted by deputies, the driver allegedly said he was just joking. Two other plant employees told deputies they thought the driver was just kidding around, too.

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Deputies issued the driver a court summons for felony menacing. They also banned him from going to the plant until his boss and American Gypsum management had resolved the incident.

High gas prices tough to skip

Gas skips come and go, but this time the alleged suspect was caught.

The suspect, a Gypsum woman, allegedly failed to pay for $26 worth of gas she pumped from a Vail gas station on April 4. The gas attendant told Vail Police that the driver didn’t even turn around when he ran after as she was pulling away from the station.

The attendant was able to provide a description of the alleged get-away car. Police located the driver, arrested her and charged her with larceny.

Card theft funds spa treatment

Three professional massages at a Vail spa? $345

Using someone else’s credit card to pay for it? Priceless.

Spa employees found out that three men did exactly that. The men got the massages March 30, but employees didn’t realize there was a problem until April 2. The man who allegedly handed over the plastic gave a different name than the one printed on the credit card. Police took the report, but the case is closed.

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