Menconi gone? Not so fast |

Menconi gone? Not so fast

A political sign on Mr. Menconi’s front lawn may be an ominous sign for Eagle County voters and taxpayers.

What is the importance of a “Vote for Stavney” sign on Mr. Menconi’s lawn? After all, Mr. Stavney and Mr. Menconi are both Democrats and it is commonplace for party members to demonstrate support for each other.

To understand the sign significance, let’s back track to the recent town of Eagle mayoral race. Many of you may have forgotten that Jon Stavney endorsed Arn Menconi’s opponent, who went on to defeat Mr. Menconi by a margin of 7-1.

So the question begs to be asked, “Why would Mr. Menconi and his legion of followers support a county commissioner candidate who recently endorsed his opponent?”

The reader must understand Mr. Menconi is a professional politician and as such, will not readily surrender his free lunch at the taxpayer feed trough.

A vote for Runyon or Stavney is a vote for Mr. Menconi. Simple politics. Mr. Menconi throws his support to get these two candidates elected and in return, they reciprocate by giving him a high salaried position on the county staff, such as county manager. Also, bear in mind, Commissioner Sara Fisher is a Democrat, close friend, and staunch supporter of Mr. Menconi.

It is the civic duty of every Eagle County citizen to protect our homeland from the abusive wrath of Mr. Menconi’s governing philosophy and fiscal irresponsibility. Stopping the Menconi Menace is an urgent task; attainable, only by electing a new majority of two County Commissioners outside Mr. Menconi’s sphere of influence.

County Commissioner candidates Dick Gustafson and Debbie Buckley want to serve the citizens of Eagle County and do not hold any Menconi IOUs. When elected, Gustafson and Buckley can exercise a majority vote to stop any potential appointment of Mr. Menconi to any county government position.

If Peter Runyon or Jon Stavney are elected, it leaves the Board of County Commissioners in the same hands it is in today; the Menconi Democrats.

Four more years of fiscal irresponsibility and voter disdain will yield a different category of lawn signs: Foreclosure and Home For Sale.

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