Menconi listens |

Menconi listens

Tim Moffet

I attended the re-election rally for County Commissioner Arn Menconi recently at Agave. It was great to see the huge turnout and the mix of people: heavy hitters, local slices and everyone in between. Arn and his wife Anne greeted everyone personally as the room filled.

Political affiliation matters a lot less on the local level, and Arn speaks for a broad range of Eagle County residents. I know Arn personally through snowshoeing and cycling. He is a thoughtful, intelligent, ethical, accessible and practical man who is passionate about Eagle County and its future. Most refreshing was how upbeat he is, certainly when you consider the chorus of negativity about Eagle County (by a loud contributor to this paper even).

His message is positive and optimistic. Arn views the growth in the valley realistically and will work to keep it sustainable. He’s focused on economic development, recreation, environmental health and smart land-use planning. He’s a consensus builder who can bring people together through his experience as a leader. Most importantly, he listens.

It’s not too early to start engaging in our local politics and learn about Arn Menconi’s ideas and thoughts. I will be supporting Arn Menconi for county commissioner this fall.

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