Menconi: votes did not ‘benefit me personally’ |

Menconi: votes did not ‘benefit me personally’

Veronica Whitney

When he approved Vail Resorts’ projects, County Commissioner Arn Menconi said those votes didn’t benefit him personally.

Since taking office in 2001, Menconi voted 14 times on Vail Resorts requests, which received unanimous approval from all three commissioners.

“It has never been brought to my attention by county staff, a fellow commissioner or a constituent that my involvement with the charitable organization SOS is a perceived conflict of interest as it pertained to the 14 votes I made on land use applications submitted by Vail Resorts,” Menconi said.

“Those 14 votes, which received unanimous approval from all three commissioners, did not in any way benefit me personally,” he said.

When asked if he had a problem with Menconi voting on Vail Resorts projects, County Commissioner Tom Stone said, “That is for him to decide.”

“If Arn had recused himself, the result would have been the same,” Stone said. “If I had recused myself, the results would have been the same.”

Menconi says the county needs a code of ethics to prevent future conflicts of interest. In March, Menconi said Stone should have stopped voting on Miller ranch-related issues in June 2002, when Stone started showing land to ASW Realty, the developer hired by the county to build Miller Ranch. Instead, Stone recused himself on Feb. 4 of this year, a month after brokering a $7 million land deal that involved ASW.

Although he hasn’t recused himself so far from voting on Vail Resort items, Menconi said he could consider doing that in the future. The commissioners will vote on the second phase of Red Sky Ranch -a Vail Resorts golf development in Wolcott- this summer.

“If my role with SOS is a perceived conflict,” Menconi said, “I would like the ethics policy and board in place to make an objective judgment.”

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