Mental Health Colorado to honor Vail Resorts with Workplace Wellness Award |

Mental Health Colorado to honor Vail Resorts with Workplace Wellness Award

Mental Health Colorado has announced that Vail Resorts will be honored with the prestigious Workplace Wellness award during the 2019 Tribute Gala on September 28.

Each year, Mental Health Colorado honors a company or organization displaying creativity, ingenuity and significant achievements in promoting mental wellness and ending stigma in its communities. As a result of the successful implementation of their Epic Wellness program, Vail Resorts is a testament of what it means to be a true leader in changing the mental health narrative.

Vail Resorts’ Epic Wellness program, which serves Vail Resorts’ 40,000 employees, highlights the wide variety of mental, physical and financial wellness resources available to staff, dependents and household members. For mental health, all employees — regardless or full-time or part-time work status — have no-cost access to:

  • Six counseling sessions each year for a variety of topics, including stress/anxiety/depression, substance use, grief and loss, and more
  • Preferred providers/therapists familiar with the company and its benefits
  • Onsite wellness presentations and a variety of additional mental health tools
  • “Caring for a Coworker” resources to empower all employees with the ability to help those around them   

“We designed Epic Wellness with the intention of destigmatizing mental health and placing it on equal footing with physical health,” said Dr. Corey Levy, a clinical psychologist and wellness manager at Vail Resorts, in a news release. “People should be able to talk about mental health concerns as openly as things like knee pain. There is a shortage of mental health care service providers in the mountain communities in which many of our employees live, work, and play, and it’s critical we make it as easy as possible for them to get the help they need. Since the start of Epic Wellness five years ago, we’ve seen a remarkable 300 percent increase in the utilization of our mental wellness resources — and this is just the beginning as we continue to work to change the narrative around mental health.” 

“Bringing someone on board to build a monumental program like Epic Wellness is both forward-thinking and, in itself, worthy of an award,” said Kay Greene, director of development at Mental Health Colorado. “We applaud Dr. Levy’s outstanding work and look forward to Vail Resorts’ future successes.” 

Over one million Coloradans experience a mental health or substance use disorder each year, and there is not nearly enough adequate mental health and substance use service capacity for everyone who needs care. 

As the state’s leading mental health advocate, Mental Health Colorado achieved the most significant accomplishments in its 65-year history last year. Among eight of the bills it championed, the policy team led the fight for mental health parity — holding insurers accountable to the law that says mental health and substance use treatment must be covered equal to physical health care. In tandem with its partners, Mental Health Colorado’s 2019 policy efforts secured $20 million for mental health and substance use services and supports. 

For 37 years, Mental Health Colorado’s Tribute gala has been bringing together members of the community — passionate about mental wellness — to celebrate accomplishments and raise funds to support the work. Dr. Corey Levy will be accepting the award on behalf of Vail Resorts. 

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