Mental health expert to present at Saturday’s Community Walk and Memorial for National Suicide Prevention Month |

Mental health expert to present at Saturday’s Community Walk and Memorial for National Suicide Prevention Month

Anne Moss Rogers will present her talk, 'How To Turn Pain Into Purpose' at Freedom Park in Edwards

Anne Moss Rogers, author, speaker and suicide prevention and grief expert will present "Turning Pain Into Purpose" at SpeakUp ReachOut's annual Community Walk and Memorial Butterfly Launch on Saturday.
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IF YOU GO Speak Up Reach Out requests that you register. Please use the following links for each individual event.

If there is one thing SpeakUp ReachOut would like you to know during the month of September, it is that you do not have to be a mental health professional to make a difference in someone’s life. September is National Suicide Prevention Month and SURO is offering 13 free trainings and events throughout the month for you to get involved and learn how to provide hope to someone in need.

Approximately 80% of all people who die by suicide are of working age (18-65) making the workplace the most cross-cutting system for suicide prevention, intervention and crisis response. Workplace suicide prevention is more than just offering an employee assistance program.

“Through the generous support of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, we are able to elevate our events to include national speakers which offers new and different lenses about the tough topic of suicide prevention and loss,” said Erin Ivie, Executive Director of SpeakUp ReachOut.

On Saturday, Sept. 12, national speaker Anne Moss Rogers, an expert in mental health, suicide prevention and grief, will present  “How To Turn Pain Into Purpose” at the annual Community Walk and Memorial Butterfly Launch at 8:30 am at Freedom Park in Edwards. She will share her story of the loss of her teenage son’s death by suicide and how to support those who are suffering from the loss of a loved one to suicide. This event will also feature a Benediction ceremony led by Molly Fiore Booker to honor those we have lost to suicide.

“Many people are experiencing loss right now due to COVID-19,” said Carol Johnson, SpeakUp ReachOut’s Director of Programs and Events. “Loss of routine and loss of our normal way of life is a very real struggle and a common reaction to trauma. Join us and Anne Rogers for our annual walk as we provide much needed community connection to overcome loss,” Johnson continued.

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For the full list of SURO upcoming trainings in English and Spanish, please visit SpeakUp ReachOut, founded in 2009, exists to prevent suicide prevention in the Eagle River Valley through training, awareness and hope. Visit to learn more. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call The Hope Center of the Eagle Valley at 970-306-HOPE (4673) or Colorado Crisis Services at 844-493-8255.

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