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Don Rogers

In a pique of irritation over questions about his ethics recently, Eagle County Commissioner Tom Stone pointedly suggested that journalists look at rival Commissioner Arn Menconi’s votes on county matters dealing with Vail Resorts in some way or another.

Stone claimed Menconi, whose nonprofit Snowboard Outreach Society is funded in part of the ski company, had voted VR’s way on every one of them. Oh, my!

But then a quick check of the voting record shows that all the commissioners for every one of the proposals involving Vail Resorts since 2001. In other words, big deal.

Just more political jousting in kind for Menconi trying to make the Stone’s private real estate dealings with a developer doing business with the county stick even though Stone had checked with county lawyers beforehand.

By engaging each other this way, Stone undermines his positive accomplishments and Menconi puts his re-election at risk.

We here in the ivory tower of local punditry cannot possibly be the only ones who see all this for what it is: A profound waste of time that could and ought to be devoted to issues which truly matter to the community these fellows are supposed to be serving. Enough already.

Never too late …

Considering the difficulty in getting the kids to study, the story of Kimani Nganga Maruge, every bit of 84, is downright inspiring.

The father of 10, great-grandfather to many more, entered the first grade in his native Kenya this year, wearing gray knee socks and shorts in keeping with the school uniform.

According to The New York Times, He’s learning his numbers and ABCs with the kids, happy finally for his chance to go to school.


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