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Mexican food

Fiesta Jalisco in Avon.

Arroz con pollo and carne asada? Must be the real deal at Fiesta Jalisco. “It’s authentic,” says Carlos Diez, owner. “The style is more like California style, more into the real stuff.” The real stuff includes zinging salsa and an enchilada sauce that toes the line between chile sauce and mole. Avon and Eagle make up two of the chain of nine.

New Mexican cuisine is the business of the Marquez sisters at Fiesta’s in Edwards. They start both their red and green chiles with peppers straight from the farmers, but most folks can’t get the chicken enchiladas out of their minds, thanks to the white jalapeno sauce that can’t be good for you but must be eaten. When you walk through the door at Agave, you pass the flour tortillas that are being freshly made especially for you. The tacos are straightforward and hearty, while the entree menu includes Mexi-inspired flights of fancy, such as the pipian verde de pollo con huitlacoche.

If your taste runs to taco stands ” and let’s face it, it just might ” it’s a toss up between Primavera in Eagle and No Se Hagan Las Bolas in Avon. Savory and succulent, their tacos are verbs: Eat them as soon as they’re off the grill, in one fluid motion.

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