Mexican man dies in bee attack |

Mexican man dies in bee attack

MONTERREY, Mexico ” A man died after a swarm of bees attacked him and his son while they were working in an orchard in northern Mexico, authorities said Wednesday.

Jesus Flores, 48, and his 18-year-old son, Jose Flores, were working in an orange orchard Tuesday in Montemorelos, a town about 40 miles (65 kilometers) southeast of Monterrey, when they accidentally disturbed a bee hive on a tree, Jesus Flores’ son, Jose, told the Televisa television network.

“They came after us and we ran about a kilometer but my father couldn’t run anymore,” said Jose Flores, who was stung about 40 times.

Miguel Gonzalez, a Red Cross paramedic, told Televisa that Jesus Flores died instantly after being stung about 15 times on the face and abdomen. Gonzalez said Jesus Flores was likely allergic to bee venom.

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