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Michael Robinson: First Vail Valley business forum

Michael Robinson
Vail Valley Partnership President/CEO
By Michael Robinson

“Not to go international would be like walking into a room of 100 people and only selling to five,” said James Foley, director of Bradley University’s International Trade Center in Peoria, Ill., when speaking to CNNMoney about why even small businesses should consider going global.

In just more than six weeks, on Aug. 23 at the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort and Spa going global and other topics will be debated when the Vail Valley Partnership hosts the first-ever Vail Valley Business Forum.

While our community has hosted some impressive forums and conferences over the years, the Vail Valley Business Forum is the first such event that is being developed by your local business authority for the local business community.

Sure, professionals and corporate interests from Denver and Colorado Springs will find the information and presentations valuable to them, but this program is being created with our Vail Valley economy in mind. What are the important issues and trends that will support and guide our entrepreneurial spirit today, and almost more importantly, tomorrow?

The forum will consist of a morning panel and a keynote lunch presentation. Those in the panel seats will be industry experts who can speak about national and international business affairs and talk in plain language about how what is going on in the rest of the country and the world impacts us.

The panelsits will include Lawrence Yun, senior economist at the National Association of Realtors, and Leslie Schweitzer, a senior trade adviser for the United States Chamber of Commerce. CNBC senior correspondent Jane Wells will be the moderator. Wells is as animated as the topics she reports on, so this will not be not your typical business forum.

Nor should it be. This is the Vail Valley. We are a national and international brand, and did not earn that recognition by following others. We paved our own path, which is why no matter what your professional agenda, if you are doing business in the Vail Valley, this forum is for you.

All businesses in the Vail Valley have the potential to transcend state and international boundaries. And if you’re a local merchant with a foot already in the national/international marketplace but looking to further your reach, this forum is for you, too, as it will help shed light on the interconnectedness of the business world, proving why your neighbor five or 5,000 miles away may be an important ally.

The forum also will provide insight for economic strategies and developments throughout the year.

The panelists will provide a comprehensive line of sight to the sectors and industries that define the Vail Valley, so look for more on some of our other power players in the weeks to come.

The Partnership challenges you to save the date and invites you to attend the Vail Valley Business Forum on Aug. 23 so together, we can ponder the potential of the Vail Valley and the strength that lies in us collectively.

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