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Michael Robinson: Numbers that speak, and services that deliver

Michael Robinson
Vail Valley Partnership
Michael Robinson

In the next six months, please welcome the following to the greater Vail Valley:

– $2 million in financial assistance.

– 40 new jobs.

– 40 jobs saved.

The Vail Valley Partnership is going be busier than ever from July to December delivering on these ambitious goals, attached to a contract recently awarded to our organization on behalf of businesses along the Interstate 70 corridor from Dillon to Glenwood Springs.

The Partnership has been awarded a contract by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade that allows us to host a Small Business Development Center. All businesses within this territory will benefit regardless of their membership with the Partnership.

For those of you not familiar with what a Small Business Development Center is or what benefits you stand to reap from it, let me provide you with a brief recap, and you’ll see why businesses along the I-70 corridor have been starving for such a service for so long.

The Vail Valley Small Business Development Center will provide businesses with information, leadership activities and high-quality, cost-effective ” and in many cases free ” consulting, training, financial analysis and other resources.

The Small Business Development Center is an important tool that will impact our area the day it opens as, essentially, the center’s goal is to help businesses increase innovation, growth and productivity. Because the Partnership is in business to help businesses achieve their objectives, we’re thrilled to make this announcement.

The business community is to thank. We heard from you and listened. We heard from the independent ski-shop owner, we heard from the coffee-shop owner considering expansion, we heard from the established business looking to learn how to do what it already does well even better. We heard, we listened, and now is the time to roll up our sleeves and deliver.

Better still, the center is designed to speak to the startup entrepreneur as well as as the established business owner. We all know that in business, even if you have a product that sparkles, you can always use a little more polish.

You may be wondering how and when your business can start to use the center’s services. The Partnership is working to soon employ a director to run the program.

This individual will be based at the Partnership’s Traer Creek office, and we encourage any interested candidates to please contact us. A detailed job description can be found at http://www.visitvailvalley.com. In the interim, businesses may contact our central number at 476-1000 to take advantage of initial counseling services.

This column would not be complete without a sincere thank-you to the town of Avon, which helped this effort through financial support.

Because the center is a private-public partnership, combining resources of federal, state and local governments with those of the educational system, Avon’s support is a testament to its support of doing what is best for the greater good. Any entity or organization that wants to follow in the town of Avon’s footsteps is welcome. As the numbers presented up top suggest, the center will have to meet goals regarding economic growth.

Rest assured, this column will not be the last you hear from me regarding the Vail Valley Small Business Development Center. The Partnership will continue to keep you informed of developments as they happen. In the meantime, I welcome and encourage your correspondence.

Michael Robinson is president and CEO of the Vail Valley Partnership.

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