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Michael (Skiggs, Shilli, Diego) Scigliano BMHS

Team(s),club(s): FBLA, NHS, STUCO, FAS, soccer

Class of:2007 Coach(es),leader(s): Mrs. Nancy Lindbloom

Lucky charm or trademark: My boyish bangs.

Ski or snowboard: Snowboard occasionally.

Favorite celebrity or athlete: Barbra Streisand, because her album “Color me Streisand” has changed my life forever, indefinitley.

I look up to: Posh Spice, because she married David Beckham.

With a million bucks: I’d invest it in gill research so I could one day live underwater. Also, maybe spend it on a salmon-oplasty, so I could be a large-sized Salmon. Or, take Mrs. Lindbloom out to Outback, or Dennys.

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