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Michal Menert returns to Agave in Avon Friday

Caramie Schnell
VAIL CO, Colorado
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Michal Menert wants you to know he’s not a DJ. So don’t show up at Agave in Avon Friday night hoping to hear a mish-mash of what’s hot in the electronic dance music scene.

“I’m a producer who plays his own music live, and actually plays layers on stage, rather than just pressing play,” he said. “I put heart into my performance, and soul into my songs, and just want to make music people can connect with on a personal level.”

The Colorado-based artist was the first artist signed to Pretty Lights Music, after co-producing Pretty Lights’ debut album, “Taking Up Your Precious Time,” and contributing to a handful of the project’s tracks afterward.

This fall, Menert released a collaborative EP,-“Twilight Frequency,” with fellow label-mates Break Science. Now he is in the process of releasing a four-part EP entitled “Elements.” Each month he will release a track that represents one of natures four elements. His song “Slivers of Light,” which was released in November, represented the element “fire” since he made the song during the wildfires this past summer. After each song is released Michal will be pressing the album to a limited edition 8-inch vinyl.

We chatted with Menert this week about his recent trip to India, his favorite drink at Agave and where he’s been making the majority of his music lately.

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Vail Daily: What can people expect from your show at Agave?

Michal Menert: You can expect a high energy performance from me. This is my first show coming off a big tour with Break Science, and it’s happening in the hills of my home state, so it’s going to be a wild time.

VD: What’s new in your world since you last performed in our area?

MM: I’ve been touring and working on a lot of new music. It’s been a busy fall, and I have no intention to stop this productivity. I’m excited to get back up to Agave, because that venue is unique and has amazing margaritas.

VD: I read on your Facebook page that you recently played in India. Tell me about that experience. How long were you there? What were your impressions of the country?

MM: It was amazing. It gave me a new perspective of how globalized this music can be, and it’s set a fire in my heart that’s motivated me immensely. I was there for about 10 days, played two shows and a festival set. The shows went off, and the festival was amazing. Great turn outs, and it was real reaffirming to see so many people doing the same thing kids are doing here, only half wary across the world. The whole country is so diverse, so many different foods, traditions, styles, it’s a crazy place to visit. I got a small taste of it, but am really excited for my next opportunity to head there and get an even greater understanding of it’s society and ways. It’s got a strange, magical aire about it.

VD: I really like the Twilight Frequency video that you produced with Break Science. Tell me more about it.-

MM: We were planning on releasing a track or two to promote the tour, and it just kept growing until an entire EP was done. Much of it was created on the road, in the RV we traveled with. I haven’t really ever done that before, as in making the majority of a release outside of my studio. Since then I’ve been working a lot more on the road.

VD: Tell me more about the four-part EP “Elements.” You’re releasing a track a month – why?

MM: I’m doing it to gain traction and momentum for the final product: a 10-inch record pressing of the four elements plus some vinyl only material as an incentive for people to purchase the physical copy. It’s a way to give away music for free, and then give a little extra to those willing to buy a limited pressing of the vinyl. All of it will eventually make it’s way to the internet for free anyway, but I wanted to build the anticipation for the full release over the course of four months, since each of these tracks (and none of these tracks, really) are a single in themselves.

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