Midterm elections will test the pulse of the electorate (letter)

Letter to the Editor

Tom Smith of the May 26, 2018 missive to the editor is spot on regarding this country’s endemic problem with financial waste and prolific budgets erupting from the House (“Enough, already,” Tom Smith, Saturday, May 26). However, Tom, I observe that this Mueller investigation is the only platform that the Democratic Party and its sycophants of wallflowers at stage left have to offer the American citizens.

These social party-goers pine for the return of an Obama renaissance this November, what with all of its social and global experiments, the like of sanctuary cities for the abused and alien criminals amongst us, oppressive and bureaucratic regulations touted to protect the environment at the expense of American business and property interests, higher taxes (or less “crumbs,” a la Pelosi) to fill the larders of government, and not the wallets of the forgotten taxpayers, and “open borders” for all — illegals, terrorists, free-loaders and more prospective Democrats to re-elect the tenured rascals that we already have in our governmental and educational institutions.

It is a mystery to me how one segment (social Democrats) can differ so much from the other (Americans), unless we call it a DNA/RNA genetic one; could it be the difference between the globe-trotting free-riders of a Democratic National Acquisition (DNA) versus the patriotic taxpayer of the Republican National Agenda (RNA)? Could it be a product of the liberal curricula within the educational bastions such as University of California Berkley, Harvard, Yale and that ilk, or from the agenda of the sane?

Or could it be the difference between the love of power or the power of love regarding one’s respect of country and all things truly “American”? The mid-term elections will test the pulse of the electorate. Will it begin to fade or will it continue to vibrate with a new awakening of “Americanism”? This country was not founded on social principles, but on a recognition of the natural rights of mankind as a given, and it took a sovereign nation to protect those rights — do we have the RNA to preserve and conserve or the DNA to obstruct and destroy? Time will tell!

Fredric Butler

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