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Middle Creek, by the number

Gay Steadman

2. The town of Vail rezoned the land to permit low density, low cost housing subsidized by merchant employers for seasonal employees to put them within walking distance of the workplace. Were all the correct procedures followed by the council, was everything done legally with no shortcuts to reach this point?

3. The project described above mutated into a much larger, more densely occupied apartment complex nearly as tall as the microwave tower without the approval of the town’s residents. Was a new master plan created and followed using the correct procedures to reach this point? How will this project impact Vail residents who now rent to seasonal employees? Has an enviornmental impact study been done?

4. Why didn’t the Vail Daily keep taxpayers adequately informed while the project grew from a small employer-subsidized project to a large complex that will have an absentee landlord? There was a tremendous leap in the size and scope of the project. Some Vail voters feel like this all took place under the radar, and they have been ignored by the council.

5. Is it a fact that employees working in Avon or Edwards would also be eligible to rent at this project? Is the Denver developer who will have the 50-year lease to collect rents and maintain the complex required to obtain proof that renters’ incomes qualify them for this type of employee housing? Who is going to make sure the complex is properly maintained?

6. Has the council considered that we will certainly need a pedestrian overpass from the project to the other side of the Interstate? Otherwise the town will surely have to expect lawsuits from those injured or killed getting through the roundabouts or crossing the Interstate on foot.

7. A large housing complex such as you would expect to see in a city, accompanied by a pedestrian overpass. Is it wise to build something like this at the entrance to Vail? Or do vacationers come to a resort to get away from just this sort of urban landscape for awhile?

8. Again, why not put the employee housing on the village side of the highway where the town offices now sit? There’s lots of under-utilized land there, and it’s flat and easy to build on. The building could be five stories tall, have underground parking, and be designed along the lines of the new Sonnenalp, with its charming, varied townhouse facade. Construction would be much cheaper because of the level site. Maybe even local contractors would be interested in bidding on the job.

Gay Steadman

Editor’s note: As reported, the successful bid to build Middle Creek was the smallest and the least dense of the three submitted; and as reported, it has shrunk since the proposal was accepted a year ago. There was no “leap” in size or density with this project.

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