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Mikaela Shiffrin plans to launch new Youtube series and River Radamus and Tommy Ford debut ‘Parabolic’

Mikaela Shiffrin posted on Instagram earlier this week about her plans for a Youtube series which will take a closer look at her ski story.
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Ski fans desiring a closer look at the lives of locals Mikaela Shiffrin and River Radamus have two new Youtube pages to check out. Radamus and Tommy Ford launched “Parabolic,” a video web series chronicling the World Cup season through the eyes of the tech team athletes and Shiffrin announced on social media that she plans to launch a Youtube channel and content series later this week.

“For so much of my career, my story has been told through someone else’s perspective. I am so grateful not only for the media’s interest in sharing my personal journey, but also for sharing this sport that has provided so much passion and joy for my family and me,” she posted on Instagram on Monday.

“That said, most people often only get an in-depth glimpse of our sport every four years, when the Olympics roll around. Don’t get me wrong, the Olympics are definitely a big deal, but I feel that there is so, so much more to this amazing sport than what is broadcast every four years. There’s more to me, and my family, and my life beyond the competitions, the victories, and the losses.”

Shiffrin expressed a desire to give fans “a lens” into her world “in hopes that it might resonate with someone out there.” The series will start by looking at “a series of very challenging moments in Beijing,” but Shiffrin said the content will be more than just about moving forward from her disappointing Olympics.

“It’s about learning and growth. It’s about doing the right thing for the right reasons — by “right”, I mean the reasons most important to you and your values — both on the mountain and off the mountain,” she stated.

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“There is a lot of talk right now about how athletes are so often defined by their success and failures, but to be honest, I think that extends to almost every human on Earth. My belief is that success and failure are both merely guides, meant to help us navigate our journey towards the life we want to live. Maybe that’s naive, but I’ve had my fair share of successes and failures, some more public and exasperating than others.”

She also stated that the Olympics is not the worst or hardest thing she’s experienced. “It doesn’t even make the podium,” her post continued. “So now it’s time to move forward. This is (more of) my story, told by yours truly. I hope you enjoy it.”

Shiffrin’s World Cup season continues in St. Moritz, Switzerland, with downhill competitions this Friday and Saturday and a super-G on Sunday. The American superstar won her last downhill on March 16 at Courchevel/Meribel, the site of this year’s World Championships (Feb. 6-19). She also placed second in her last two super-G tries — at Lenzerheide on March 5 and at Courchevel/Meribel on March 17.

Radamus and Ford posts “Parabolic:” an inside look at the life on the World Cup circuit

Shiffrin isn’t the only U.S. Ski Team star posting content to Youtube. River Radamus and Tommy Ford posted their recent project, “Parabolic,” which, according to Radamus’ social media post on Wednesday, takes “a vulnerable, unfiltered view at the the highs and lows of life on the tour.”

River Radamus and Tommy Ford launched the first episode of their video series titled “Parabolic” on Wednesday. As of Thursday morning, the video had over 1,200 views.
Chris Dillmann/Vail Daily

The “behind-the-scenes” look at the tech-skier life on the World Cup was spearheaded by Ford and Radamus; the first episode, titled “Time” includes filming by Ford, Ryan Escando, Emese Kardhordo — the episode’s producer — and U.S. Ski Team coaches. Rosie Nakamura narrates the four-minute show, which includes scenes from the group’s Copper Mountain pre-season training camp. Clips of the athletes making pancakes for breakfast, watching training video, doing rehab and working out in the gym are neatly spliced together with athlete quotes and narration underneath.

“The thing about time is that it seems black and white: you win or you lose,” Nakamura stated in the final minute. “But the experience of time is subjective. It is slow and it’s fast. Can’t be one without the other, just like ski racing.”

Radamus concludes the episode, saying, “The best feeling — you know when everything is figured out and it all just slows down — that’s where you always want to be. But right now, everything’s coming at me way too fast.”

Radamus is coming off two straight 16th-place finishes — at the Birds of Prey super-G and last weekend’s giant slalom in Val d’Isere. The men’s World Cup travels to Val Gardena, Italy, Dec. 15-17 for a pair of downhills (Dec. 15 and 17) and a super-G (Dec. 16).

The U.S. Alpine team’s communications manager, Sierra Ryder has boots on the ground.

“The vibes are high, and the guys are feeling confident, happy and strong heading into the first downhill tomorrow,” she stated in an email to media on Wednesday.

“In the training run our guys were speedy, we had three in the top 15. When they go full gas on race day, who knows what will happen, but I believe that these men will punch it into the podium.”

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