Milhoan favors new changes in Minturn |

Milhoan favors new changes in Minturn

Tamara Miller
Randy Milhoan

Randy Milhoan has a stack of documents several inches thick that tells a story of Minturn’s financial past, present and future.

He shakes his head when he looks at Minturn’s sales tax collections, which are declining. He points to a copy of a memo sent from the town’s finance office. It outlines how state laws that put a cap on certain types of property values will have a dire affect on Minturn’s economy.

Milhoan, an artist and owner of Milhoan Studios, is worried. That’s why he is running for a seat on the Minturn Town Council, he says.

“My primary concern is keeping the town solvent,” he said.

Three seats are up for grabs on the council and Milhoan is one of five candidates. Minturn voters will decide who is fit to lead their town for the next four years on Tuesday.

Milhoan, a Minturn resident since 1970, supports proposed plans for an recreational vehicle park, which would be built on town-owned property. He was a member of the “visioning committee” that came up with the idea.

While he hasn’t been involved with developments made in the plan since the council began negotiating with the developer, he still believes the park could provide the sales tax revenue the town needs.

There are plenty of opponents who worry the park could become a financial liability to the town or could hurt their own property values.

“The town should really consider it before they throw it out,” he said.

Milhoan is comfortable with the town’s preliminary plans to lease the land – currently occupied by a gravel pit and radio tower – to Rocky Mountain RV Resorts. So far the town is asking the developer to build the park and pay for amenities like a pool and a community center that Minturn residents could also use.

Under the current proposal, the town will continue to own that land and would have the option not to renew the lease if the plan fails. But Milhoan said he doesn’t believe it will fail.

“It will change the character (of Minturn) – it will add to the bed base in town,” he said. “And we will have a lot of people in the community going to restaurants and shops.”

He said he supports the current direction of the council and the new, stricter enforcement of town ordinances. If people don’t like that, Milhoan suggests they try to change the town’s ordinances.

“I think the council is going in the right direction,” he said. “It’s obvious by the improvements they’ve made.”

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