Miller time turns tipsy |

Miller time turns tipsy

Don Rogers

Such drama has followed maverick skier Bode Miller’s off-hand remarks about racing with a hangover on “60 Minutes” Sunday.Well, “hangover” was Bode’s attempt at restating things this week. What he told the cameras for one of America’s most watched programs was “wasted.” So now everyone is wringing their hands, flying around for talks, wondering aloud whether the star should even be on the U.S. team.Donors, corporate sponsors and ski officials are furious, just furious. Bode’s out of bounds on this one, just like he skis.It must be really tough that he’s also about the only ski racer the American public can recall if pressed. He’s at least potentially a transcendent figure, somewhat like Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Babe Ruth were for their sports. Athletes who attract attention to their sport by their charisma as well as skill.Miller demeans himself blaming a news program for airing his most newsworthy remarks. The furious officials demean themselves by pretending they weren’t aware of Miller time before “60 Minutes.” And this whole thing about a bad example for skiers …, well, serving alcohol in the mountain restaurants would seem to be the bigger statement about that subject.If Miller is such a rub to the team, drop him. You don’t need the drama, the plane flights, the hand wringing to do that. Meantime, enjoy the show.Vail, Colorado

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