Millions of dollars amassed in Colorado campaign donations |

Millions of dollars amassed in Colorado campaign donations

Burt Hubbard
The Denver Post

State candidates, stealth political groups and special-interest political committees in Colorado have amassed millions of dollars in campaign donations to kick off the 2010 elections.

At stake are the governorship, control of the state legislature, and the redistricting of state and federal legislative districts.

“This is that one election in a decade with redistricting,” said Colorado State University political science professor John Straayer.

The treasurer’s race is fast becoming the most expensive for that office in the state’s history. Candidates for state legislature have 60 percent more in their campaign coffers than four years ago. And special interests such as drug manufacturers and tobacco companies are pumping money into so-called 527 political committees.

Both political parties in Colorado are scrambling to turn the political turmoil of the past month into victory in November.

Republicans think this is the year to turn around the losing streak that has cost them the governorship and control of the state House and Senate.

“I’m not going to make some bold prediction that it’s definitely going to happen,” said Color

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