Minturn acting like a giddy teen |

Minturn acting like a giddy teen

Don Rogers

Swooning over a developer, Minturn scorns outsiders such as editors and county commissioners wondering what’s gotten into the town’s silly little head.This community that so fiercely protects its authentic quaintness has gone adolescent. Here’s the teen who can’t keep her hands off her new paramour after rather smugly rejecting lesser suitors.RV park in place of an unofficial dump site? Forget it. That would ruin everything, everything. But junking up the forest clear to Red Cliff? Where do we sign? Or so it appears from this town that traditionally has greeted change with a quick scowl and low growl.Of course the town would spurn the county commissioners’ offer of “help” dealing with big bucks developer Bobby Ginn. Where was the county’s help seven long years ago when Minturn wanted help fending off Vail Resorts and their bid for town water rights? And how dare the local newspaper editor call them on being dazzled by imagined baubles – improved services, property values, maybe a few shiny town cars and a new water tank – in exchange for selling out Battle Mountain! Why sure, and drink this water: Developing some of the most gorgeous woods in the county might somehow lead to a healthier Eagle River. Uh, uh.Who is playing with emotions rather than facts here? Snap out of it, Minturn. Or at least be honest about dying to be the new Cordillera. What a legacy. ……………….That piece of the Pentagon rock will parade through the town of Vail at 10 a.m. Saturday, not at Vail Pass as erroneously stated in this column last Saturday.Vail, Colorado

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