Minturn burglaries hit at least seven, residents should lock vehicles |

Minturn burglaries hit at least seven, residents should lock vehicles

Call Crimestoppers

Contact Eagle County Crimestoppers or your local law enforcement agency with information. Call Crimestoppers at 970-328-7007 or at 1-800-962-TIPS.

MINTURN — Thieves celebrated the summer solstice by breaking into at least seven vehicles, according to an email circulated by the town staff.

The thefts cost Minturn residents thousands of dollars in stolen goods in the Wednesday night and Thursday morning spree, which came on the heels of another alleged spree through the eastern Vail Valley.

The Minturn burglaries occurred in the town’s commercial area, along Williams Street, Taylor Street and Pine Street, said witnesses and victims.

“If anyone feels like they were a victim of theft, we would ask that they report it,” said Jessie Mosher, public information officer with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

‘lock your doors’

Nathan Littlejohn with Monkshood Cellars met a friend for a few minutes Wednesday night in a Minturn restaurant. When he returned to his car, a briefcase and backpack had been stolen.

The electronic gear contained some of his business data, but most of that was backed up, he said. But thieves also got his growing season journal where he kept notes about his business and the fruit growers he works with and some gifts he brought back from Spain for friends.

“In the end I only want my journal and my gifts from Spain,” Littlejohn said.

It’s an eye-opener for the small community, Littlejohn said.

“This is something you’d expect on Colfax in Denver, but not in Minturn,” he said.

Littlejohn said people need “to keep an eye out for each other — we have to help people. Sometimes people are desperate, and they’ll turn to desperation as a source of income. Go talk to them. Do they need food? Do they need a job?” he said. “The community needs to support itself. We can rely on each other.”

Littlejohn echoed advice from local law enforcement when he said people need to look after themselves, their friends, neighbors and their stuff.

“Bring your bikes inside. Take your kayaks off your car and lock them up,” Littlejohn said.

“Leaving your vehicle unlocked is not recommended. When you’re away from your vehicles, roll up your windows and lock your doors,” Mosher said.

Littlejohn said this is a bump in his road, and that he still believes in Minturn.

“The community has been so supportive,” he said. “People have been asking me all day if there is anything they can do to help. The community of Minturn and the people have been reaching out to me.”

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