Minturn candidate: Brodin loves Minturn folklore |

Minturn candidate: Brodin loves Minturn folklore

Steve LynnVail, CO Colorado
Theo Stroomer/Vail DailyGeorge Brodin is the owner of Leadfoot Linda's in Eagle-Vail and an incumbent candidate for town council in Minturn.

MINTURN, Colorado Minturns folklore fascinates George Brodin. Brodin enjoys that holidays in Minturn are held a day before everyone else celebrates them. According to folklore, Minturn celebrates July Fourth on July 3 because people use to cause a whole lot of mischief, such as using dynamite to blow up outhouses, which were abundant when Minturn was a mining town, Brodin said.

I love Minturn, he said. After serving one term on Minturn Town Council, Brodin wants to improve the town he loves by serving another four years, he said. He wants to carry out the Town Councils plans to build a recreation center and a library, and to fix the towns water leaks.When the town has to repair leaks, Minturn residents and businesses at times have been without water for hours. Drivers have had to take detours when U.S. Highway 24 has been repaired due to leaking water warping the asphalt. Minturn is still losing around 40 percent of its water, Brodin said. Its a struggle for me to say that its OK to loose that kind of water, he said.In 2004, Brodin lost by three votes in the election for the towns mayor. Hes not running for mayor because the position takes a larger chunk of time, he said. He owns a car repair shop in Eagle-Vail, Leadfoot Lindas, named after his wife. Serving on Town Council and fixing cars is similar, he said.You get to take something thats broken and fix it, he said.

Why are you running for Minturn Town Council?I want to be in the position to make a difference. I want to see all the things weve implemented come to be. This is an exciting time for Minturn. The Ginn Development Co. wants to build 1,700 homes and condominiums and a private ski resort and golf course in Minturn. Do you support the current agreements between councilors and Ginn, such as their annexation agreement and traffic management, employee housing and wildlife plans? Why or why not?We put 2 1/2 years into this. For me, it took 30 hours of reading prior to each meeting and I just about wore out a dictionary looking up words. There are still some things we need to cover that we havent. Theres still a lot more to be done, but we have a pretty good thing going and its going to improve. Ginn has made several promises, such as housing 50 percent of its employees, providing a ski pass for residents and using green-building standards. What would you do to make sure that Ginn fulfills those promises if the project is eventually approved?We have a lot of checks and balances in our agreements, and I want to make sure those promises happen. Other than the Ginn development, what is the most important issue or problem facing Minturn in the coming years? Why is it important? How do you plan to address the issue or problem?Our failing infrastructure and our need for revenue. I think the level of service to the community should be at least three times what it is. Im talking about improving our streets, making it so our water doesnt break down and providing activities for our seniors. Weve also struggled tremendously to hire good people. We cant pay competitive wages to our town staff. Id also like the old-timers and the new-timers to get to know each other. If we had a chance to meet each other and be with each other, it would bond us as a town. If we all got together and helped somebody paint their house, the town would be nicer. What qualifies you for the role of town councilor? My desire to serve and my responsibility to people. I have more experience now, but certainly theres plenty of room for more. You sit on your hands, you keep your mouth shut and you listen to the ideas and concerns residents bring. Staff Writer Steve Lynn can be reached at 748-2931 or

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