Minturn candidate: Bumgarner proud of attendance record |

Minturn candidate: Bumgarner proud of attendance record

Steve LynnVail, CO Colorado
Kristin Anderson/Vail DailyMinturn Town Councilman Jerry Bumgarner, who's running for re-election, says the town has so far made a good deal with developer who wants to build a ski resort south of town.

MINTURN , Colorado Town Councilman Jerry Bumgarner said he has missed only a three Minturn Town Council meetings in the six years he has served.And Bumgarner said he hasnt missed a single meeting during the almost three years he has sat with other town councilors, listening to the public and hearing the Ginn Development Co.s proposal to build a private ski resort in Minturn. I’ve been very attentive said Bumgarner, who is running for reelection for Minturn Town Council.

Bumgarner, former owner of JBs Barbecue in Minturn, calls himself half-way retired though he works in the accounting department at Simba Run Management Company and is a volunteer for the Minturn Market. He likes skiing at Vail and Beaver Creek mountains and also enjoys mountain biking and hiking on trails near Minturn, such as Cougar Ridge, Game Creek Trail and Two Elk Trail. Bumgarner walks around Minturn and talks to people, he said. What makes Minturn a great place is not brick and mortar its people, he said. You just hope that they like the place enough that they stay here, he said. You don’t want to see them leave.

Why are you running for Minturn Town Council? I would like to serve again so I can see Ginns development be advanced in a way that those of us who voted for it wanted it to be. The next year or so is very important. I would just like to be a part of that. There are other things that have to be looked at and approved and I think this council has a good foundation for that. The Ginn Development Co. wants to build 1,700 homes and condominiums and a private ski resort and golf course in Minturn. Do you support the current agreements between councilors and Ginn, such as their annexation agreement and traffic management, employee housing and wildlife plans? Why or why not?We reached a good agreement. Minturn residents and people from outside Minturn have commended it. It makes you think that well, maybe we did do a pretty good job, which weve thought all along. Ginn has made several promises, such as housing 50 percent of its employees, providing a ski pass for residents and using green-building standards. What would you do to make sure that Ginn fulfills those promises if the project is eventually approved?In the annexation agreement, you have a lot of conditions. Well get letters of credit from a bank. It insures that we get this money that Ginn has promised us. We have these stipulations such as, If you dont do this like this, youre not going to be able to build.Its a pretty strong contract. Other than the Ginn development, what is the most important issue or problem facing Minturn in the coming years? Why is it important? How do you plan to address the issue or problem?We have to update our infrastructure. Whether Ginn is here or not, thats something we have to do. We need to improve our sidewalks and make the town safer for pedestrians and try and encourage people to come to town and spend their money. You try to encourage business to come in the best you can but thats a tough thing when were competing with the rest of the valley. All you can do is keep trying. What qualifies you for the role of town councilor?Now that I have experience, Im more qualified than I was to begin with. I have a desire to work at it. I listen to peoples problems and work through them. Staff Writer Steve Lynn can be reached at 748-2931 or

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