Minturn candidate: Clapp wants to curb town’s growth |

Minturn candidate: Clapp wants to curb town’s growth

Steve LynnVail, CO Colorado
Kristin Anderson/Vail DailyDavid Clapp, a candidate for Minturn Town Council, plays with his dog in front of his Minturn home. Clapp wants to preserve open space in Minturn.

MINTURN, Colorado David Clapp wishes that Minturn could stay the same as it was when he moved there in 1999. Clapp likes watching elk in his backyard, saying hello to his neighbors while walking his dog Murph without a leash and skiing from Vail Mountain on the Minturn Mile to his home on Taylor Street. I dont really have any complaints about how it is right now, he said about Minturn.

Clapp ran for Town Council in 2006 and lost, but hes running again because he knows he would enjoy the job and thinks he would be good at it, he said.Clapp knows Minturn will change, he said, especially because of the Town Councils recent vote to annex into Minturn the land on which a developer wants to build a private ski and golf resort. Development on the land is inevitable, but Clapp hopes to decrease the size of the Ginn Development Co.s resort, he said. He doesnt not know if thats possible unless residents vote the private ski resort down in a referendum, he said. He also doesnt know whether residents are willing to risk losing benefits the resort will bring if Ginn goes away, he said. Clapp, a bartender at Chilly Willys, has heard some mixed opinions about the development and hes curious to hear what residents think. I think its unknown, really what peoples opinion is, Clapp said. I think a referendum is the easiest way to find out.He likes Minturns single-family homes and that the town has around 1,100 residents. Keeping those things means preventing developers from building condominiums, like those down the street from his home, he said. You have to have a strong backbone and say, This is what we want and this is how were going to work to achieve that goal, Clapp said.

Vail Daily: Why are you running for Minturn Town Council? Matt Scherr: What I would love to see is someone else in the town whos got a better sense of the historical Minturn. But didnt see anyone stepping up, so just saw the opportunity. The town needs, right now, some guidance. Its going to go one of two ways: Its going to be how to live with money, which I dont think the town has done in a very long time, or how to live with an infrastructure that isnt supported by the towns structure. If we have to keep bumping property tax, or at least keeping our mill levies as is so that taxes increase, youre going to lose a lot of old families. I dont think anybody wants that to happen.Vail Daily: Why are you running for Minturn Town Council? David Clapp: Id be a good representative for the town of Minturn. I work here, I live here and I rent out property here, so Im very invested in the town. VD: The Ginn Development Co. wants to build 1,700 homes and condominiums and a private ski resort and golf course in Minturn. Do you support the current agreements between councilors and Ginn, such as their annexation agreement and traffic management, employee housing and wildlife plans? Why or why not?DC: I think Town Council did a great job on getting many benefits to the town. I just wish that the project was smaller. I wish there were less than 1,700 homes, I wish they werent building a 195-foot-tall building. At 195 feet, I dont know if theres a taller building than that between Denver and Las Vegas.VD: Ginn has made several promises, such as housing 50 percent of its employees, providing a ski pass for residents and using green-building standards. What would you do to make sure that Ginn fulfills those promises if the project is eventually approved?DC: Its all in a contract of some sort. If all of the sudden the Ginn people turn into our opponents by breaking their promises, then youd have to fight them legally and do what whatever it takes. The town is giving up a lot for these benefits. I think the town would be willing to fight for those benefits if what was promised were taken away I would. VD: Other than the Ginn development, what is the most important issue or problem facing Minturn in the coming years? Why is it important? How do you plan to address the issue or problem?DC: The biggest issue is keeping our small-town character, as hard as that is to define; look hard at developments and limit excessive growth in our existing town boundaries. Vail Resorts and Union Pacific own a lot of the land here and you have to try to keep that open space, as well. Losing all that we had up on Battle Mountain, I think its more and more important to have more open space here. VD: What qualifies you for the role of town councilor?DC: Im a good listener and Im real easy to find. Im always around either working or shoveling my driveway or walking my dog. Staff Writer Steve Lynn can be reached at 748-2931 or

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