Minturn Council candidate: Kristi Bloodworth |

Minturn Council candidate: Kristi Bloodworth

J.K. Perry
NWS Kristi Bloodworth PU 3-11

MINTURN – Kristi Bloodworth braved 40 miles, then 50 miles, in consecutive years running the 100-mile Leadville 100 ultra-marathon before succumbing to altitude sickness. She sat on a log – dizzy, cold, clammy and sweating before she decided she couldn’t go on. This year, she’s determined to finish every mile of wooded singletrack.”It’s kind of like one of those things – you see the mountain and you want to climb it,” Bloodworth said.

The 36-year-old also is engaged in a race of another sort, this time for a position on the Minturn Town Council. Bloodworth said she is running because the town is poised for big change.”I think I’ve lived here long enough that I understand what’s going on,” Bloodworth said.Bloodworth has served on the town’s planning and zoning commission for nearly a year, aided by the knowledge gleaned over five years of litigation involving homeowners associations and construction.Asked why she deserved to be on the commission, she said “I may not have a good answer, but I have a good idea where to look for the answer.”In addition to being a lawyer with Goodman and Wallace in Edwards, Bloodworth waits tables at Chili Willy’s one night a week for extra cash.She went to the University of Kentucky as an undergraduate before earning a law degree from Northern Kentucky University. Bloodworth lived in Cincinnati until she decided to “get away from the hustle and bustle,” she said.The Kentucky native moved to Minturn seven years ago because it was the only place in the valley where she could have her 13-year-old miniature schnauzer Maggie. Since then, she’s grown fond of Minturn.”It’s nice that it’s a community and people are constantly honking and waving,” she said.

Whether I support or oppose the actual development of the property is a moot point, as the property is in the hands of a private party who can, to a large extent, do with the property what he wants. With that being said, I do support the annexation of the property into Minturn. Annexation is an opportunity for Minturn to mold the development in a way that could provide several positive impacts on the town, including the revenue generated. Annexation is also the only way that Minturn can influence the development in a way that will provide for the least amount of negative impact on the town. Only Minturn can truly look out for Minturn.

Ginn will have several impacts, some positive and some, unfortunately, negative.Negatively, the major impact will be increased traffic. With Main Street the way it is now, there is no room to widen the road if necessary. Doing so would not only take away people’s front yards and possibly some houses, but it would destroy a lot of Minturn’s personality in the process. Ginn should be required to explore all other possibilities for accessing the project before widening the road is considered.Positively, I believe the revenue generated by the project will allow Minturn to do some things which they cannot afford at the current time, such as renewing and maintaining the infrastructure in town, as discussed in the answer to the following question.

Infrastructure. Sidewalks are of primary concern. Many sidewalks in Minturn are old and cracked. Not only do they look bad for visitors coming into Minturn, but they can be quite dangerous. Ice builds up in winter, making them treacherous. Visitors in the summer cannot push baby strollers because the sidewalks are not level.The Ginn development will require water for homes to be built there, and we should take advantage of this to require a new water treatment plant for Minturn.Also streetlights at night. Once you get past the first couple of blocks, the street lamps are sparse, making it dangerous for pedestrians to walk after dark.

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One of the major issues facing Minturn is how to allow for private parties to exercise their rights to develop land in a way they want, without allowing developments that destroy the look and feel of Minturn. Minturn has a character unlike any other town in this area. Visitors who come to town recognize this and it is one of the main reasons they like to come here. Although it is sometimes hard to put in words what this character is, everyone who visits here realizes it is something special. As one of Minturn’s best commodities, it needs to be preserved. At the same time, land prices are rising to a point that it becomes necessary to maximize square footage in order to make a project profitable. Both of these concerns need to be balanced when allowing for new projects within the Town of Minturn.

I am very concerned about this issue.Minturn needs events to draw people in to take advantage of its natural surroundings like the trails and river. Options include attracting bikers by offering the Minturn Middle School as an overnight stop for Ride the Rockies and also participating in a “poker run” bicycle race where bikers must stop at several locations in and around Minturn to win prizes. Others possibilities include a running race – perhaps to Lionshead rock and back, or winter events such as ski joring. During these events, spectators, family and friends could shop and eat. Minturn should create a retail niche – something different to encourage people to make the trip, like the Yarn Studio, Minturn Cellars, Holy Toledo and Party Central. Having more unique businesses would reinforce Minturn’s reputation as a one-of-a-kind town that should not be left off anyone’s to-do list for the valley.

Having served on the Minturn Planning and Zoning Commission for the last one-and-a-half years, I have been exposed to Minturn’s local laws and have a good understanding of them.As an attorney, I also have a solid legal background that would enable me to research and understand the issues.But most importantly, I have lived in Minturn for almost eight years and I love the town. I will do my best to always look out for the best interests of Minturn in forming my opinions and consider those best interests when making any decisions on behalf of the town. Staff Writer J.K. Perry can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14622, or, Colorado

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