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Shane Macomber/Vail DailyAfter choosing steak, chicken or fish from the butcher counter, diners grill

Every party ends up in the kitchen. Inviting guests to grill their own meal at one of two barbies located in the dining rooms, the Minturn Country Club puts the party in dinner party.

The rustic, cozy restaurant serves up award-winning steaks and more ” including the coveted Kobe beef.

There’s no golf course or swimming pool, but you won’t miss them as owners Joe Honnessy or Tom Ricci personally greet you at the door and show you to a table, like they’ve been doing for 24 years.

The Minturn Country Club isn’t the place for a quick bite, but rather an engaging enclave to spend a few hours.

Start your dinner off with a sampling of appetizers. The pupu platter offers such crowd-pleasers as chicken tenders, jalapeno poppers and stuffed mushrooms, then wanders into the more exotic, with shrimp cocktail and shrimp Wellington. The smoked trout is also a winner, with the whole filet smoked to bring out the fish’s dramatic flavors.

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You can pick your appetizers and drinks from a menu, but to choose an entree, walk up to the butcher case filled with fine steaks, fish and chicken. Feel free to discuss your choice with the resident meat guru. On the wall, you’ll find a list of side dishes ranging from twice-baked potatoes to asparagus spears.

Get your meat, a glass of wine and make your way to a grill. This is where the fun begins in earnest. Country Club staff will give you tips on grilling, but once at the grill, you’re on your own. Salt, pepper, lemon pepper, garlic powder, seasoned salt and teriyaki marinade are on hand to flavor the steak and fish. The chicken has already been marinated to perfection.

For dessert, roast up some s’mores at the table or dig into the Minturn tater – a sweet concoction of cookies-and-cream ice cream rolled in cocoa powder, topped with almond slivers, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

It looks truly spud-like.

At the Minturn Country Club, you’ll not only leave gastronomically satisfied, you may gain a few new friends while grilling.

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