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Minturn history reborn

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I am writing in regard to your story about Minturn in the Vail Trail (see A long, Proud History: Faces and images of Minturn’s past, in the July 1 issue at Included with the article is a photo of Bill Burnett and his siblings behind their family’s barn. The barn is the purpose of this letter. Until last fall the barn stood adjacent to Burnett Plumbing. For years it was used as storage. Late last summer it was decided that the barn must go like all development, in order to make room for several homes. After much searching Bill approached Dan Bellm (a Minturn native), co-owner of Beyond the Tree Woodworks with the problem. The Barn came tumbling down, but everything was tagged with hopes of putting it back up as a woodshop at some future date. Two weeks later the structure, built in the late 1800’s, looked like a pile of well worn telephone poles. After much deliberation Jim Maule (Dan’s partner) and Dan decided to share the wealth of history and began milling the lumber and using it in special projects. Just down the street from the newspaper offices you can see a bit of the history. There are re-claimed barn beams (covering the center upright poles) and a barn log mantle on display at the Paint Bucket. There are several more mantels at the Beyond the Tree shop in Minturn. On Saturdays they are in the Minturn Market booth at the fair. (You can see photos of the whole project at September, while the barn was coming down just behind the Minturn Market, Bill told many stories. Sadly, the boys did not find the stash of money rumored to be hidden somewhere among the logs. It’s a good story…. ask Bill!Though Jim and I are not Minturn natives we love the town and it’s history and are glad we can be a part of preserving just a little bit of it.I look forward to more tidbits of history in the coming issues of the Trail.Stacey ParnassSlave Labor for Beyond the Tree WoodworksMinturn memoriesI enjoyed the short history of Minturn (see the July 1 issue at I grew up there and wasn’t aware of many of the historical facts. I knew a Dave Williams who served in the merchant marines during WWII. Dave’s brother, Boo, owned and operated the cafe and bar across the bridge from Dave’s. It was located just west of the YMCA, and across the road from the Eagle River Hotel.I have e-mailed this one to several families here in the Denver area that grew up in Minturn at the same time I did.Dick EasterBoulder

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