Minturn issues Halloween clarification: ‘Organic occurrence not necessitating government organization’ |

Minturn issues Halloween clarification: ‘Organic occurrence not necessitating government organization’

Minturn's Halloween celebrations have been a deep part of the town's character for many years; the Town Hall will not offer candy, but trick-or-treaters are still invited to collect candy at participating private residences.
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The town of Minturn published further clarification Monday regarding Halloween festivities, rescinding an Oct. 15 notice which said the town will not be hosting its typical event.

An annual Halloween Eve trick or treating event on Main Street attracts hundreds of Eagle County kids to Minturn each year, and Cindy Krieg, the town’s economic development and special events director, said the primary difference this year is that the candy station at town hall won’t be available, and public health guidelines will be in place.

Krieg said while some homes may opt out, that’s always been the case with Halloween. This year, Main Street homes which do not wish to participate can pick up a flyer from town hall to post in front of their homes.

During an in-person Town Council meeting on Oct. 7, Minturn councilmembers asked those who plan on visiting to wear masks which cover their mouth and nose as the sidewalk can get a bit cramped during the trick-or-treat event, so being outdoors does not negate the necessity for a mask in reducing COVID-19 risk. Councilmembers also asked Minturn locals who plan on handing out candy to be mindful of their own hygiene and health, as well, as they too can spread infection through the passing of candy.

Here’s the complete text from Minturn’s Monday Halloween update:

Minturn Halloween celebrations have been taking place for longer than most of us can remember. Minturn’s traditions in Halloween run deep and the excitement for October 30 (the day before Halloween) is a long-standing tradition of the community. The town does not organize this event as it’s an organic occurrence not necessitating government organization. The primary difference this year is that the candy station typically outside of town hall will not be available, and the recommendation to follow all public health guidelines as they are currently provided or may be updated. The town also has flyers available for any residents not participating in this year’s festivities who would like to post the notice on a front gate or entryway.

Whatever form your trick-or-treating takes, it’s safest to:
● Stay in your own neighborhood.
● Have adults accompany trick-or-treaters to help them follow state guidelines.
● Stay with household members. Avoid mingling with groups from other households; stay at least 6 feet away from non-household members.
● If going door-to-door, limit the time you spend at doorways.
● Whether trick-or-treating or handing out candy, keep your COVID-19-protective masks on — save the candy eating for when you return home!
● Follow regular Halloween safety tips such as decorating costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers and carrying glow sticks or flashlights to help increase visibility among drivers.

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