Minturn man pleads guilty on attempted murder charge |

Minturn man pleads guilty on attempted murder charge

Jamie Quintana plead guilty to assault in a Jan. 2015 shooting.
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EAGLE — What promised to be one of the most rollicking trials in recent history came to a quiet end when a Minturn man plead guilty to assault.

Jamie Quintana was initially charged with attempted murder, but pleaded guilty to second degree assault and violating his bond conditions.

He’ll be sentenced Wednesday in District Court. He could spend up to six years in prison.

That’s a short sprint compared to the possible 48 years he faced if he had been convicted of attempted murder.

Quintana had no prior criminal record, apart from traffic infractions and a misdemeanor for fighting, court records show.

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“A reasonable jury could have gone either way in this case,” said District Court Judge Russell Granger.

Plummer’s own problems

Bruce Plummer has had his own problems with the law. Plummer has been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, as well as the menacing charge to which he pleaded guilty.

He admitted he pointed a gun at a man yards from the parking lot of the Minturn bar and restaurant where Plummer himself was shot a year earlier.

It was March 22, 2015, when Plummer was speaking with a man in a Minturn bar and restaurant. Plummer, who has been living in Hawaii, told the man he had no friends around here anymore.

For some reason, Plummer pulled a gun from his pocket and pointed it at the man’s stomach. The victim did not notify police. A private investigator found out about it and notified police.

Prosecutors said Plummer was going through some tough times and that he was taking medication. Plummer pleaded guilty to prohibited use of a weapon and menacing.

Plummer was also the subject of a case Montrose for allegedly engaging in a sexual act with a woman on a public sidewalk.

One version of events

Plummer testified during Quintana’s preliminary hearing. Quintana did not. Plummer said it happened like this:

Plummer and Quintana were part of a group in the studio of a Minturn radio station, during a friend’s show, “Punk Church.”

Plummer said he stopped by a Minturn bar late that night, paid all the tabs that were left open at 2 a.m. and made sure everyone tipped the bartender.

He said he grabbed three bottles of liquor — whiskey, vodka and tequila — and took them to the radio station.

He testified that he’d been in a bad mood all day, had been looking for a fight and told one of the other guys in the group to punch him in the face because the man owed Plummer one.

The night wrapped up about 4 a.m., and Plummer said he sent everyone home. He said he left the station about 5 a.m., walking toward his home in Minturn.

He said he encountered Quintana in an alley near a Minturn restaurant.

“Jaime was standing by a truck, and I told him not to drive because I was the one who brought the liquor to the radio station,” Plummer said.

Plummer said he gave Quintana a noogie and told him to go home.

Detective Gianni Robinson with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office said that they were arguing so loudly they woke up a neighbor.

Plummer said as he turned away he heard the sound of a truck door opening and closing. He said when he turned around, Quintana was standing by the driver’s side door and pointing a gun at him.

Plummer testified that he said, “Jaime, don’t you shoot me! Don’t you effin’ shoot me!”

It has been alleged that Plummer was carrying some sort of weapon, although that was never made part of the court record.

Plummer said he started walking toward Quintana and started running after he’d been shot.

“I told him I was going to kill him with the gun he shot me with, or at least beat him with it,” Plummer said.

The bullet went through Plummer’s chest just above his heart and exited through his back.

Plummer said he knew he was bleeding out both the front and back of his body. He tried to stop the bleeding from the front wound with his hands and lay down in the snow to try to stop the bleeding from his back.

When shown a photo of the 9-millimeter gunshot wound during the preliminary hearing, Plummer said, “It’s a lovely picture of me with a bullet wound in my chest. I was told it was 9 mm, it looked like a 9 and the hole in my shoulder looks like a 9.”

A person working with a local fishing guide company helped control the bleeding and called 911.

Quintana was arrested around 8 a.m. that morning, walking down Main Street in Minturn.

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