Minturn mayoral candidate: George Brodin |

Minturn mayoral candidate: George Brodin

George Brodin

MINTURN ” Scientology, George Brodin says, helped him with relationship problems, opened him to subjects he was unwilling to talk about, and increased his desire to serve his hometown, he said.

The Minturn mayoral candidate, and current town councilman, compared the transition to Scientology to the pain of burning a finger on a stove. Scientology helps remove the pain ” you know the stove is hot but you’re not afraid of it, Brodin said.

“You can walk up to it, where you were uneasy before,” Brodin said.

The transition also helped Brodin break down emotional barriers between himself and other people, he said.

“It makes you think clearly and faster,” Brodin said. “It has raised my responsibility level to mankind.”

The search for responsibility drove him to run for council, and now mayor, he said.

Brodin has tackled a variety of jobs during his life ” he been in mining, he’s been an electrician and he owned an insulation business for several years.

“I figured I had hung a wall from here to Eagle 15-feet high,” Brodin said. “I figured that was enough insulation hanging.”

He finally found a niche in cars, beginning in the ’80s, when he owned the BP gas and repair station in Vail, which has gone by several names. Brodin got involved in cars early in his life.

“If I couldn’t fix it, I wasn’t driving,” he said.

Brodin owned the Vail station for 25 years before selling the property to Vail Resorts. He then relocated the auto-repair portion of his business to Leadfoot Linda’s Ethics Automotive in Eagle-Vail.

Brodin grew up in Pueblo, but moved to the cold and snowy valley to escape the Front Range climate.

“I was tired of the dust and heat,” he said.

Yes, as a citizen, I see the Ginn thing as a baby dropped on our door step. We can embrace, raise and shape this child into a contributing member of our town or we can let him be raised by absentee parents (the county) and special interests and then complain about what we get. This is opinion.

At this point I have very little fact to work on. As a public hearing participant, my job is to gather evidence, separate fact from fiction, look at pros and cons ” as they relate to residents ” and then come to a finding and make a recommendation.

Whether or not the town annexes Ginn, the materials and construction workers are going right down Main Street Minturn. Traffic will have to be controlled. Roads will have to be improved and replaced. Noise will have to be addressed. Impact fees will be required to address these and other issues. A use tax on materials is imperative to also even out the burden for being the construction runway for this project.

Put policy into place on the revenue streams to maintain improvements and expand as needed. Projects include building, repairing and maintaining streets and sidewalks; a softball field; indoor gymnasium; bury utility lines; identify locations and build a parking structure; parks with pavilions to create gathering spaces; improve equipment for the public works and police departments to better serve the townsfolk.

A revenue stream to sustain a safe, clean, well-lighted community with good water and well-maintained streets and sidewalks. Create understanding on the relation and importance of commercial property tax and personal property tax as the only avenue to control taxes.

Also, understanding the relation of sales tax to the operating of the town (i.e. snow removal). Encourage business development by review of town policy on business, sign codes and business-to-business forums to determine what works and what doesn’t in Minturn.

Empty store fronts are always a concern ” a leading economic indicator, if you will. I am not a fan of government being in business. There are a couple of tools available to help identify what will work, including needs from the community survey and ideas from the business community that is succeeding.

The town council approved the Minturn Town Homes which will increase bed base, although it comes with mixed reviews from the business and town populace. It is a tough problem and I don’t know the answer.

I have lived in Minturn for 23 years and I have a great affinity for the town. It’s a good place to live and raise a family and I would like to keep it that way. I consider all sides of issues and weigh them in terms of effect on the young, the middle age and seniors of the Minturn community, then weigh a bit more heavily to the youth because us old guys are going to die off and the kids will inherit what we leave, good or bad. I intend to leave good things in place.

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