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Minturn planning explosion of fun

Dustin Racioppi
Minturn, CO Colorado

MINTURN, Colorado ” The Minturn-Red Cliff Business Association is trying to making it hard for people to not make Minturn, Colorado the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day.

In addition to the unique vibe that consistently attracts visitors, the town’s bars, restaurants and other businesses will be offering specials, music and prizes as the business association hosts the second annual St. Paddy’s Day Explosion.

“We love people to be aware of what’s going on down here. It’s great,” said Kathy Morrow, owner of The Yarn Studio. “We just want people to come down and have a good time in Minturn.”

There will be plenty of places to go for a good time and plenty of reason to have one, as nearly every business registered in Minturn has something to offer.

Morrow’s customers will be able to come into the store and pick a shamrock out of a pot, and whatever the number is on the shamrock, that’s how much is taken off the customer’s purchase.

Restaurants, including Mango’s in Red Cliff, will offer food and drink specials. The Gourmet Cowboy Bar and Kirby Cosmo’s will have live music as well, to replace last year’s fireworks display.

Some businesses will hold open houses for people who aren’t familiar with the town or just want to pop in and greet the owners.

Last year, Blueline Architects held an open house and co-owner Ken Bridges said it’s more about mingling than trying to make a sale or push a product to people. For the most part, the owners are celebrating too, he said, and are there after-hours for the open house.

“Regardless, they come down to have fun,” he said. “Anytime you get a bunch of people together it’s a good time.”

There will be more than just the holiday to celebrate on Tuesday, though.

Minturn will welcome its newest business, The Uptown Store, which also will hold an open house as part of the celebration. It’s a new and resale goods store that co-owner Audrey DiSciascio says is one of the most unique stores in the Eagle Valley. It offers antiques, retro furniture from the 50s through 70s, Western-themed products and DiSciascio said the inventory will continue to grow with a mix of odd and charming wares.

“We’ve really got a mix of things,” she said. “It’s just fit for Minturn.”

She also said the store is a fit considering the financial pinch people all over are feeling. The store, she said, will have great pricing.

“This is the one thing, with the way things are these days, it’s what we need,” DiSciascio said. “We needed it a long time ago, but we really need it now.”

More than anything, DiSciascio said she and her business partner, Jay Raiola, who is also the president of the business association, are excited to be part of the party on Tuesday.

“We are totally excited,” she said. “First of all for the shop and second because we love Minturn.”

The St. Paddy’s Explosion is expected to bring in a crowd from beyond Minturn.

Gypsum resident Jean Crowder said that even though she has an almost 3-year-old daughter, she plans to at least check out the festivities, which she missed last year.

“Back in the day, I would’ve said, ‘Hell yeah.’ I’m in a different world,” she said. “St. Patrick’s Day is not what it used to be for me.”

But she’s still going for the responsible, parent version of the celebration.

“I’ll probably do the mile and come down to Minturn, the Saloon for a little bit,” she said.

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