Minturn plays favorites |

Minturn plays favorites

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO, Colorado

The Minturn Town Council has once again showed its political favoritism towards certain people in town.

Sifer’s property was declared to be a nuisance, and was brought to court. Sifer claimed he was a scapegoat, and he was. The town’s excavator and also ex-council member Tom Sullivans’ excavator, the Quintanas’ properties, have been in violation of the town’s nuisance ordinance for years. The town has allowed them to maintain more than one semi-trailer and more than one junk car, plus other debris, etc. Remember the Sifers only had one semi-trailer and one junk car and they were cited and brought to court. So it really does matter who you know in this town.

At the last council meeting one of Quintana’s nuisances was brought before council, by staff, and once again true to form after already giving him weeks to comply, they will give him two more weeks to comply.

Talk about two standards in Minturn. If you are friends with the council then they keep giving you two weeks, which leads into years.

Meanwhile, the neighbors and visitors to our small town have to be attacked visually by these nuisances, but more importantly most of these nuisances pose a safety issue. I can only hope that children do not get stuck inside the semi-trailers, dishwashers, washing machines, inside an old car, have a falling-down fence fall on them, or get hurt in a dilapidated boarded-up tree house. This council should take a proactive stance and not wait until someone gets hurt.

Please go to to see pictures. The Town Council has seemingly approved a tarp as a door, and a solution to a dilapidated-out building. I could not make that up, look at the pictures. Why couldn’t Sifer not just tape a tarp to the front of his semi-trailer?

Anyone that is in violation of a town nuisance, just tape a tarp to the front of your nuisance. Quintana did it.

I can’t be the only one that sees the humor in this. What do you think Ginn’s million dollar homeowners will say when they pass through Minturn, with tarps blowing in the wind, up and down Main street? Of course, Ginn might flip the property or maybe a new investor, maybe someone from Dubai, can deal with it.

Remember he has three years to submit any final plans.

The Minturn Town Council needs to get a code enforcement officer and let them do their job. Now the council has all the power to decide weather or not and on whom to enforce the nuisance ordinance. The Minturn Town Council likes to exert political power over everybody in Minturn. This is why most people are scared to speak out against the council.

Most towns do not have to go in front of a council to cite a nuisance.

Sullivan was also brought up for a nuisance violation at the last meeting, by town staff, but true to political form, the council let it slide. He did not even try to cover it with a tarp.

The Town Council cares more about political friends. What about our rights to enjoy our views, without having to look at trash, or our children’s safety?

Hopefully the council will veto the tarp idea at the next meeting.

For those others of you that actually cleaned up your nuisance and did not try to hide it, or make excuses, I applaud you.

Wait until the politics start with the parking, and shoveling snow off sidewalks.

Got to love Minturn politics.

Frank Lorenti


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