Minturn property taxes rise |

Minturn property taxes rise

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO, Colorado

Thanks to the 87 percent of Minturn voters and to our small-minded town council, our property taxes went up.

I told you that our taxes would go up. The town said they would go down. Town lied.

I said Ginn didn’t have enough water; town said he did. Town lied.

What happened is that during the assessing period we had the Ginn yes vote and higher than average home sales, comps. Like a council member, Tom Sullivan, selling his property to Ginn for over $6 million, setting a per bedroom sales price and all the false hype of a billion dollar development, our property was valued at a high rate.

Usually Minturn stays out of the Vail area higher assessments, but this year it went up by a significant amount.

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Sewer plant update: I was on the last council agenda, questioning why they have not built the sewer plant yet. Minturn-Ginn sewer agreement signed in April 2006 had no bearing on annexation approval. Ginn would build the plant no matter what.

Plant should of been up and running by April 10, 2009. That would have given us some water rights back and it is what the council and 87 percent of citizens wanted by affirmation of the annexation vote in 2008.

Matt Scherr asked me what the urgency was to building it.

Answer: Building now would create local jobs. The sewer plant could be a bargaining chip if Vail wanted to tap into it. We could charge $6 million for initial tap in.

Why did I use $6 million? Because with $6 million we could build a recreation center, since Ginn refuses to.

That question alone, by the council, proves their small-minded mentality and why they have to beg for respect from Eagle County.

Now it seems that ERWSD will be building a sewer plant in Eagle-Vail. There goes Minturn having the upper-hand, and we lose the $21.25 million from Ginn.

The council continues to let money slip away.

I never wanted the sewer plant or Ginn, but the council and citizens did, so use it for leverage and an economic stimulus for Minturn.

I will give some freebie Business 101 advice to Matt Scherr: Whenever somebody offers you money for free, take it before they change their mind or go bankrupt.

Not only do I have to pay higher taxes because of Ginn with no benefits, but one of the first buildings I am forced to see when I drive into town is a old, run-down, empty building owned by Ginn.

The council needs to pass a law on unoccupied buildings. Various towns in this country have. Minturn can be a quaint town.

Quaint means pleasingly odd, not unkempt or trashed. Clean up and businesses will prosper and quality of life increase.

Also, Hawkeye, our Minturn mayor, wants citizens to pay for some Ginn promised items. See my Web site at http://www.minturntimes/ for what his ideas are.

One more item. If we get some of that federal stimulus money, I say build a sidewalk and bike path from south Minturn to downtown instead of Dowd to Minturn, which is currently proposed.

It is a shovel-ready project and would help the local Minturn citizens because it would allow people, especially parents with children in strollers, to walk to all parts of our small town safely and increase community interaction.

Please contact me if you would like to try and appeal property taxes as a town.

Frank Lorenti


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