Minturn, ski club aim for gym resolution at Sept. 23 public meeting |

Minturn, ski club aim for gym resolution at Sept. 23 public meeting

Minturn Fitness Center. Vail Daily file photo.

The town of Minturn called an emergency meeting this week to discuss the recently-closed Minturn Fitness Center, approving a new schedule for the facility.

“An open gym schedule for the public and times the student athletes will need to utilize the facility was initially vetted and as of this afternoon, had been unanimously approved via a written vote,” Town Manager Michelle Metteer told the Vail Daily, via email.

The fitness center was closed on Friday, Sept. 4, following a dispute between the town and Ski & Snowboard Club Vail.

The fitness center is the result of a partnership between the town and the club, and is governed by a volunteer board with equal representation from both entities. While that board is supposed to meet quarterly, councilmembers said the quarterly meetings have not taken place on a regular schedule in recent years.

In a letter to members, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Chief Operating Officer John Hale said the MFC board has met multiple times a year for the last few years, and club representatives have been in attendance at those meetings.

“SSCV communication with the Town of Minturn has been continuous during the pandemic,” Hale wrote. “(Fitness center) programming over the summer for Minturn residents was discussed and agreed to by a Minturn representative of the (fitness center) board.”

At Tuesday’s Minturn Town Council meeting, officials discussed “working with an increased level of communication and a spirit of collaboration,” Meetter said.

“Moving forward, everyone committed to following the bylaws and addressing the issues causing financial shortfalls,” Meetter said. “We expect to start those discussions at the next board meeting which is scheduled for September 23, 2020.”

Hale made similar statements in his letter to ski club members.

“SSCV remains wholeheartedly committed to finding a solution to the ongoing issue of operating a public health club, while simultaneously providing a world-class human performance program for our athletes,” he wrote. “As an organization, we are grateful for the relationship with the town of Minturn and look forward to discussing how to move forward to the benefit of all parties involved.”

The Sept. 23 meeting will be open to the public; fitness center board meetings are held via Zoom and, once a link is created, access will be available via the Minturn public meetings calendar at

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