Minturn slow to see benefits of annexation |

Minturn slow to see benefits of annexation

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO, Colorado

Minturn citizens voted for the Ginn annexation with the idea that we would get benefits. One of those lower taxes. The Town Council actually wanted to raise our water rates by 5 percent.

On Nov. 5, the council stated that they will not lower any taxes. So taxes go up, as our property values increase.

Minturn council member Haslee has stated that she wants to make Minturn a more affordable town to live in.

That was my question to council, that they refused to answer, How are they going to make Minturn a more affordable town to live in?

We need to hold this council responsible for the words that come out of their mouths.

Go to for more information.

All the people that voted for the Ginn annexation should be upset that the council and Ginn misled them.

I voted against it, and the majority of you voted for it. You should be more upset than me for being misled. You bought into the fact that taxes would go down and now they won’t.

The only benefit the citizens get is when they sell their property for a higher value because of the annexation. When you sell your house, you will probably not live in Minturn anymore, so why should you care about the high cost of living? A second-home owner will buy it and rent it out to four or more people because a working-class family cannot afford $3,000 or more a month in rent. Therefore, the dynamics of Minturn change.

The town also wants their highway right-of-way back. To the people that did not believe me, you will find out just exactly what that means.

For any Minturn citizen with children, Minturn has over $350,000 for a scholarship fund. Good luck getting it. They hold a carrot in front of you and say maybe in the future. They forget, that scholarship money is not theirs, it is yours.

Finally, the council has supposedly agreed to enforce the speed limit.They stated that maybe it was a joke that they wanted the police to allow speeding.

Maybe it was joke that on May 9, only a few days before the annexation vote, Jerry Bumgarner said that by voting yes we could get lower taxes.

He said he wants to “dispel this myth” that people won’t be able to afford to live in Minturn due to rising property taxes if voters approve a private ski resort in the town.

That was my fact (myth) that we would be paying more in taxes, he was trying to rebuke me.

I guess the joke is on us. This council does a great comedy act.

Frank Lorenti


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