Minturn taxpayers burdened |

Minturn taxpayers burdened

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO, Colorado

“If we didn’t think we’d have a project, then we wouldn’t bid on Columbine Ditch,” said Bill Weber, Ginn’s senior vice president. “We’re still doing things; we’re working on our water. There are a lot of things going on not in town.”

Weber and Suiter both said Ginn’s contribution amount toward employee pay could change again. Suiter, Minturn’s town manager, said each negotiation, to this point, has been “agreed upon by both sides.”

Didn’t anybody else understand what they just admitted to?

Weber admits to having a project, no mention of lawsuit, willing to spend $30.48 million for the Columbine Ditch (Pueblo water) to benefit Ginn. Suitor admits that “both parties agree” to renegotiate with Ginn to pay less for employee pay.

Sound familiar? Haven’t I been demanding that the Town Council agree to release the $11.6 million “if both parties agree”?

So to recap, “both parties agree” to overburden us, the taxpayers, to bail out Ginn, but the council still refuses to ask Ginn to agree to release the $11.6 million for our economic stimulus package. Where do you think the money will now come from to pay for all those bonuses and pay raises and extra benefits to staff? The hardworking Minturn citizens’ tax dollars.

Ginn is leaving a trail of bankrupt communities all over, while he personally got $333 million from a $675 million loan from Credit Suisse, according to a Bloomberg report.

For Ginn to make his property a marketable product, he needs to get water, which is why he is trying to buy water from Pueblo. But he cannot just buy water rights.

He needs to store it somewhere, which is why the only progress he is moving forward on is to get approval from the Environmental Protection Agency to store that water in Bolts Lake. Weber admitted to working on the water, and I can read between the lines.

When I talked to the EPA, the only issue Ginn is pursuing to clean up is Bolts Lake, not the Superfund toxic-waste site of Gilman for employee housing or the wetland acres.

Now I would like to address the promised new sewer plant.

Boots Ferguson, a Minturn town attorney, said that we get a new sewer plant paid for by Ginn whether or not Ginn gets his approval.

“We’ve agreed to build a wastewater-treatment plant regardless of the annexation,” said Bill Weber, Ginn’s senior vice president.

Fred Haslee said, “The town and Ginn can construct a new wastewater plant whether or not the annexation is approved.”

Hawkeye Flaherty, town mayor, said, “We’re going to get a large amount of money or else a

new wastewater plant” during his run for recent


Why haven’t they started building that plant yet or given us “a large amount of money”? I am sure that the council will make up some excuse.

As some of you may know, once you tell one lie, you have to tell more lies to back up the first lie, then it just snowballs downhill from there.

That, in my opinion, is when any logical discussion of a subject becomes frustrating and sometimes fruitless.

We need to demand the $21.25 million sewer plant be built this summer so we can get some of our water rights back, the $11.6 million released immediately, the $22 million to buy forest land and the $9 million to build bike path from Dowd Junction to Red Cliff.

More information is at

One more quote from Hawkeye: “If he, Ginn, reneges on it, it’s in writing. There should not be a problem. I think he is a man of his word.”

Looks like our mayor doesn’t understand the contract he signed with a 100 percent businessman, Bobby Ginn.

Frank Lorenti


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