Minturn teachers explore ‘historic triangle’ |

Minturn teachers explore ‘historic triangle’

MINTURN, Colorado – Three Minturn Middle School teachers are chronicling their trip to Virginia’s historic triangle on a blog.

They will be incorporating what they learn during the eight-day trip into their lessons at the middle school. Teachers received a grant from Fund for Teachers for the trip.

Teachers Cindy Cassidy, Tracy Teetaert and Kristen Morgan are currently experiencing Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown.

Events formative to the birth of the United States occurred at the historical triangle, where the Europeans, American Indians and Africans first lived together. This became the root of American society and culture. Over the course of the eight days, the teachers will research and gather artifacts, documents and experiences at each location in order to create three “historical triangle trunks.”

The teachers will set out to answer several questions, including “Who were the voices of freedom that led to American independence, and what were their experiences?” and “How does that notion of freedom compare to other meanings of freedom for different people in different time periods?”

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