Minturn Town Council — Agenda for June 1, 2005 |

Minturn Town Council — Agenda for June 1, 2005

Daily Staff Report

REGULAR MEETING OF THE MINTURN TOWN COUNCILWednesday, June 1, 2005Work Session: Council Chambers 5:45 PMRegular Session: Council Chambers 7:00 PMMinturn Town Center302 Pine Street Minturn, CO 81645 (970) 827-5645MAYOR – Gordon Hawkeye Flaherty, TOWN MANAGER – Ann K. CapelaMAYOR PRO TEM – Darell Wegert TOWN CLERK/TREAS – Jay BrunvandCOUNCIL MEMBERS:George BrodinJerry BumgarnerBill BurnettFred HasleeTom SullivanAWORK SESSION 5:45 PMCouncil RetreatCapital Improvement Plan (CIP)a) Use Taxb) Bed Taxc) Real estate Transfer TaxGinn Clubs & Resorts DevelopmentEconomic Development Youth ActivitiesBike Tournament Dirt & Mountain Bike trackFishing Tournament 6.OtherREGULAR SESSION 7:00 PM1.Call to OrderRoll CallPledge of Allegiance2. Discussion of the Agendaa.Items to be pulled from Action Calendarb.Items to be pulled from the Discussion Calendar.c.Items to be pulled from the Consent Calendar.Emergency Items to be added.e.Order of the Agenda Items.Approval of the agenda.3. Approval of the Minutes for May 18, 2005Special Presentations/Citizen Recognition/Project UpdateCitizen & Corporate Recognition Minturn Clean Up Day Mike Wheelersburg Update on Minturn Towne HomesMs. Wendy Swanhorst Swanhorst & Cutler LLC: Town of Minturn FY2004 General Purpose Financial StatementsPublic comments on items, which are NOT on the agendaDiscussion/action of Emergency Items, if necessary7. Reports/Correspondence/Announcements/New BusinessCourt Clerk / Office TechnicianEconomic Development DirectorPublic WorksPoliceTreasurer/ClerkDiscussion and direction on a November Election for either or both a Bed Tax and a Use TaxTown PlannerTown AttorneyTown ManagerTown Council Liquor Licensing Authority Special Events Liquor License for the Town of Minturn Independence Day Celebration on July 1, 2005 by Town Treasurer.Discussion/Action Presentation and direction to Troy Thompson of ERC as Relates to the Final Stage of the Eagle River Project (100 Block of Eagle Street) by Town Manager.Discussion/Action Ordinance 11 Series 2005 (Second Reading): An Ordinance of the Town of Minturn, Eagle County, Colorado granting by franchise to Xcel Energy of Colorado its affiliates, successors and assigns, the right to use the streets within the town to furnish, sell, transmit, transport and distribute gas and electricity to the Town and to all residents of the Town, granting the right to acquire, construct, install, locate, maintain, operate and extend into, within and through the town all facilities reasonably necessary to furnish, sell, transmit, transport, and distribute gas and electricity within and through the Town, and granting the right to provide street lighting service to the Town; and fixing the terms and conditions thereof by Town Treasurer.Discussion/Action Ginn Club & Resorts Annexation and Development Agreement Minturn Town staff preparedness: Town Manager, Town Planner & Town Attorney.Discussion/Action – H.R. 4700 Minturn Town Council Position Paper by: Town Manager.Discussion/Action Request for comment/support for Forest Service Eagle River Restoration project at Camp Hale by: Town Manager.Discussion/Action Council representation for ERWSD, Minturn & Ginn Sewer Plant discussions: Mayor Flaherty.Discussion/Action Possible purchase of dump truck for Public Works Department by: Mayor Flaherty.Discussion/Action Carry over of items from 06.01.05 Council Work Session by: Town Manager.17. Executive Session:An Executive Session pursuant to Section 24-6-402(4)(a) for the purposes of discussing the acquisition of real property.18. Items to be added to future agendas / work sessionMike Wheelersburg Minturn Towne Homes Update 7/6/05Preliminary PUD and Preliminary Plat at Lot 29 and 31 of the Minturn South Addition Subdivision 6/15/05Ginn Clubs & Resorts Development Update 6/15/0519. Set Future Meeting Dates1) Council Meetings June 15, 2005July 6, 2005July 20,20052) Planning & Zoning MeetingsJune 22, 2005July 13, 2005July 27, 20053) Other20. AdjournmentWhen addressing the Council, please state your name and your address for the record prior to providing your comments. Please address the Council as a whole through the Mayor. All supporting documents are available for public review in the Town Offices located at 302 Pine Street, Minturn CO 81645 during regular business hours between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.STAFF REPORTS AND OTHER ITEMSDISCUSSION, HEARINGS AND ACTION ITEMSFUTURE AGENDA ITEMS / WORK SESSIONSVail Colorado

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