Minturn Town Council — meeting agenda. Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2005 |

Minturn Town Council — meeting agenda. Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2005

Daily Staff Report

Regular Session: Council Chambers – 6:00 PM

Minturn Town Center

302 Pine Street Minturn, CO 81645 (970) 827-5645

Mayor – Gordon “Hawkeye” Flaherty, ———

Town Manager – Ann K. Capela

Mayor Pro Tem – Darell Wegert —————–

Town Clerk/Treas – Jay Brunvand

Council Members:

George Brodin

Jerry Bumgarner

Bill Burnett

Fred Haslee

Tom Sullivan


1.– Call to Order

a.—— Roll Call

b.– Pledge of Allegiance

2.– Discussion of the Agenda

a.– Items to be pulled from Action Calendar

b.– Items to be pulled from the Discussion Calendar.

c.– Items to be pulled from the Consent Calendar.

d.—– Emergency Items to be added.

e.– Order of the Agenda Items.

f.——- Approval of the agenda.

3.—– Approval of the Minutes for December 15, 2004

4.—– Special Presentations/Citizen Recognition

?——- Citizen Recognition of Trista Martinez – Essay Contest Winner

5.—– Public comments on items, which are NOT on the agenda

6.—– Discussion/action of Emergency Items, if necessary


7.- Discussion/Action – Minturn Towne Homes Update by Project Manager

—- Mike Wheelersburg.

8.- Reports/Correspondence/Announcements/New Business

a.—— Economic Development Director

?——- La Playuela Park

?——- River Signs

?——- Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway Kiosk

?——- Community Survey

b.—– Public Works

c.—— Police

d.—– Treasurer/Clerk

e.—— Town Planner

?——- Annexation Outline

?——- Ad-hoc Committee meeting

?——- Report

f.——- Town Attorney

g.—— Town Manager

h.—— Town Council

?——- Future Planning and Priorities for 2005

?——- Setting Dates for Council Retreats


-9.—– Discussion/Action Resolution No. 1 – Series 2005 by Town Treasurer:

A resolution designating four public places within the town of Minturn for the posting of public notices and notice for public meetings of the Minturn Town Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, and other boards, commissions, and authorities of the town of Minturn.

10.- -Discussion/Action – Minor Subdivision Approval

Applicant: ——- John Woodruff

Address of Property:— 554 Taylor Avenue

Proposal:——— To seek approval for re-subdividing Lots 3,4,5,6, and 7 of the Taylor Addition into three 6,000 square foot lots and a variance for a 50-foot minimum lot line dimension.

Summary:——– The applicant is proposing to subdivide five 2,300 square foot lots into three 6,000 square foot lots with a 42 foot minimum lot line dimension.

———– Recommendation: The Town Council grant Minor Subdivision approval with a variance for a Minimum Lot Line to the application

11.- Discussion/Action – Conditional Use Approval

———– Applicant: ——- Invest in Yourself

Address of Property:— 455 Main Street

Proposal:——— To seek approval for allowing a residential use in a commercial zone

Summary:——– The applicant is proposing to lease residential space as apartments within a commercial use structure.-

Recommendation: The applicant requests the item to be tabled for discussion until 1/19/04.

12.- Discussion / Action on Downtown Lights – Establishment of Policy and discussion of fiscal impact to the Town’s budget.


13.– Items to be added to future agendas


14.— Executive Session

?——- Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute24-6-402(4)(f) for purposes of discussing a personal matter.

15.- Set next meeting date

16.- Adjournment

Town of Minturn

P.O. Box 309

Minturn, CO 81645

(970) 827-5645 ph

(970) 827-5545 fax

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