Minturn Town Council — meeting agenda |

Minturn Town Council — meeting agenda

Bringing Communities Together

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Work Session: Council Chambers – 6 to 7 p.m.

Regular Session: Council Chambers – 7 p.m.

Minturn Town Center

302 Pine Street – Minturn, CO 81645 – (970) 827-5645

Mayor – Gordon “Hawkeye” Flaherty, ——— Town Manager – Ann K. Capela

Mayor Pro Tem – Darell Wegert —————– Town Clerk/Treas – Jay Brunvand

Council Members:

George Brodin

Jerry Bumgarner

Bill Burnett

Fred Haslee

Tom Sullivan

When addressing the Council, please state your name and your address for the record prior to providing your comments. Please address the Council as a whole through the Mayor. All supporting documents are available for public review in the Town Offices – located at 302 Pine Street, Minturn CO 81645 – during regular business hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


– Discussion on the proposed Bear Ordinance by: Police Chief and Bill Andree


1.– Call to Order

a. Roll Call

b. Pledge of Allegiance

2.– Discussion of the Agenda

a.– Items to be pulled from Action Calendar

b.– Items to be pulled from the Discussion Calendar.

c.– Items to be pulled from the Consent Calendar.

d.– Emergency Items to be added.

e.– Order of the Agenda Items.

f.——- Approval of the agenda.

3.- Approval of the Minutes

?——- September 1, 2004—— ———————————————————————– ———–

4.– Council Member Reports/Announcements.

5.—– Special Presentations/Citizen Recognition

?——- Certificates of Appreciation for Minturn Market volunteers and staff

6.—– Public comments on items, which are NOT on the agenda.

7.—– Discussion/action of Emergency Items, if necessary.


-8.—– Discussion/Action – Ordinance 8: Series 2004 (First Reading): An Ordinance to amend the Minturn Zoning Map at 77 Meek Avenue (Old Bakery Building) by : Town Planner—————————————————————————————

9.—– Conditional Use for commercial space larger than 2,500 square feet at 77 Meek Avenue (Old Bakery Building) by: Town Planner——


10.- Discussion/Action – Ordinance 10: Series 2004 (First Reading): An Ordinance to regarding bear activity and trash service by: Police Chief.—————

11.- Discussion/Action – Ordinance 11: Series 2004 (Second Reading): An Ordinance regarding compliance to state liquor law by: Town Attorney.—————-

12.- Discussion/Action – Ordinance 12: Series 2004 (Second Reading): An Ordinance regarding the Minturn Fire Station Intergovernmental Lease Agreement by: Fire District Chief Charles A. Moore.————————————————–

13.- Discussion/Action – Ordinance 13: Series 2004 (Second Reading) And Ordinance renewing a contract with Eagle County Animal Control by: Police Chief—-


14.- Reports/Correspondence/Announcements

a.—— Events/Admin.————————————————- ———————–

b.—– Public Works————————————————————————–

c.—— Police————————————————————————————–

d.—– Treasurer/Clerk———————————————————————————–

e.—— Town Planner————————————————————————–

f.——- Town Attorney————————————————————————

g.—— Town Manager————————————————————

h.—— Town Council


15.- Executive Session – There is no executive session scheduled at this time.

16.- Set next meeting date – October 6, 2004.

17.- Adjournment

Please contact the Town Manager with questions or comments.

Town of Minturn

P.O. Box 309

Minturn, CO 81645

(970) 827-5645 ph

(970) 827-5545 fax

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