Minturn Town Council: Newcomer garners the most votes in Tuesday election |

Minturn Town Council: Newcomer garners the most votes in Tuesday election

Mayor, three incumbent council members re-elected

How they voted Mayor:
  • John Widerman: 146
  • Gordon Flaherty: 91
  • Gusty Kanakis: 189
  • Terry Armistead: 176
  • George Brodin: 165
  • Eric Gotthelf: 140 (two-year term)
  • Darin Tucholke: 114
  • Spence Neubauer: 45
  • Floyd Duran (write-in): 1

Minturn voters Tuesday returned four incumbents to office, along with one new member.

Voters re-elected Mayor John Widerman to office with a solid victory over his challenger, former Mayor Gordon “Hawkeye” Flaherty.

The three incumbents running for re-election — Terry Armistead, George Brodin and Eric Gotthelf — all won new terms. Gotthelf had the fewest votes among the winners, and will serve a two-year term. Armistead and Brodin were elected to four-year terms.

New Councilmember Gusty Kanakis was the leader in votes cast, with 189 of the 237.

Recently retired, Kanakis most recently worked as the fleet and facilities supervisor for the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District. Kanakis has lived in Minturn for virtually his entire life.

Minturn usually holds polling-place elections. This year was different, due to the local outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

While Gypsum postponed its election until June, Minturn officials chose to run a mail-in ballot. To do that, voters had to request an absentee ballot from the town, then either mail it in or cast Election Day ballots at Town Hall by dropping off ballots.

Minturn Town Clerk Jay Brunvand said the new system was successful.

Just more than 200 people voted in the 2018 election, Brunvand said. This year, voters returned 147 absentee ballots, with 90 people dropping off ballots at Town Hall.

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