Minturn turns to community |

Minturn turns to community

Don Rogers

The town of Minturn has taken the sensible step of surveying residents.Every community should do the same thing, and often, actually. It doesn’t replace face-to-face interaction, but it does provide a bigger picture of the community’s interests and sensibilities. Assuming the right questions are asked, of course.Minturn’s 136-question confidential survey has been mailed to and 129 business owners and 686 of the town’s 1,000 residents.With luck, town leaders can achieve a better understanding of the community will as they negotiate with Bobby Ginn. That’s the developer who would dwarf the current town with a private ski resort and golf course community with 1,400 homes over 5,400 acres extending toward Red Cliff.The Northwestern Colorado Council of Governments is conducting the study, based on questions developed by a committee of community members. Ginn is paying $5,000 of the $16,000 bill. Best get used to that name attached to a lot of purchases in town for awhile. Most recently he’s hired former County Commissioner Michael Gallagher. Well, there’s one less independent voice.One question asks specifically what survey-takers would favor happening with the 5- to 12-acre plots around town that the Forest Service might sell off. That, of course, raises the larger question that permeates the entire survey: What would the town residents prefer happening with those 5,400 acres running up Battle Mountain? As for Eagle County’s larger community, well, they won’t be receiving surveys. As explained so diplomatically to the current county commissioners, the rest of us can butt out. Never mind those 5,400 acres for the moment are county land, and some of the most beautiful at that. Vail, Colorado

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