Minturn voters decide two tax questions |

Minturn voters decide two tax questions

J.K. Perry

MINTURN – Residents here decide Nov. 1 whether to enact taxes on building materials and lodging, initiatives town officials say will provide much-needed revenues.Residents would be taxed only if they planned to remodel or renovate a building or house. “Residents need to realize the taxes won’t really affect them – it’s the tourists and developers,” said Councilman Tom Sullivan, who develops housing and also rents units temporarily. If passed, building permits would be assessed 4 percent on materials and customers would pay 1 1/2 percent on lodging costs under 30 days. Both would begin Jan. 1. The additional revenues could pull Minturn out of two decades of financial doldrums, Sullivan said.First-year development taxes are expected to bring in $300,000 for possible sidewalk, street and other infrastructure improvements, Treasurer Jay Brunvand said. Initial revenue from lodging taxes is expected to be around $30,000 for approximately 100 units in town.”We figured out a way to make growth and development pay for services instead of balancing the costs on the backs of citizens,” Brunvand said.Increased development in the future could further deepen the town’s coffers to the tune of millions, Sullivan said.”If Ginn were to develop, we want to make sure he’s paying these two taxes to help (Minturn),” Sullivan said.The Ginn Company, courting Minturn for annexation of Battle Mountain land to be used for a private ski development, plans to work with the town whether or not the taxes are enacted, Ginn Spokesman Cliff Thompson said.”If it helps the town, then that’s what the town needs to do,” Thompson said. Staff Writer J.K. Perry can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 450, or

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