Minturn water line leak forces restaurants in town to remain closed into Saturday |

Minturn water line leak forces restaurants in town to remain closed into Saturday

Leak in a 'ghost line' caused outages north of Cemetery Road

A Thursday water line leak kept all of Minturn's restaurants closed into Saturday.
Chris Dillmann | Daily archive photo

A Thursday water main leak in Minturn kept the town’s restaurants closed Friday and into Saturday.

Minturn Town Manager Michelle Meteer said the leak occurred near the intersection of Main Street and Cemetery Road. The leak was in an old, unused service line, but affected water supplies for the town north of Cemetery Road. Virtually all town businesses are in that area.

Water service was restored Thursday about 6 p.m., but all users were asked to boil water.

The boil advisory resulted in the shutdown of all the town’s restaurants.

Meteer said officials from the Eagle County Public Health worked Friday throughout the day to find ways that the restaurants might be able to open before the boil advisory was lifted.

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Eagle County Public Health Director Heath Harmon in an email wrote that the department was creating options to allow food service at those restaurants and maintain public safety.

“This would include enhanced safety protocols for restaurant workers, bringing in potable water for handwashing and food prep, considering bottled water for drinking and shrinking the menu down until the boil order is rescinded,” he wrote. That would be similar to running a temporary event such as a farmers market.

At Magusto’s Pizza and Burger Pub, Ariel Armenta said people there were doing some extra cleaning while waiting for the go-ahead to open.

While the closure cost Magusto’s and other restaurants a day’s worth of business, the shutdown is “best for everybody,” Armenta said. “You don’t want to send someone home sick.”

Meteer said officials at town hall are posting information and updates on the town’s website. Officials are also taking a close look at the 119-year-old town’s water system.

The capped-off line that sprung a leak Thursday is one of an unknown number of similar lines. Those “ghost” lines — all of which are decades old — should be removed completely rather than capped, Meteer said. Town officials in the summer of this year will seek to find and update as many of those old lines as possible.

“Days like yesterday and today are difficult for a community,” Meteer said. “When there’s a down time, it’s hard on everybody. … Our goal is consistent, reliable service.”

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