Minturn’s a company town now |

Minturn’s a company town now

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO, Colorado

Company town

Welcome to Ginnturn, Colo.

Well, it is official ” Minturn has become a company town.

That is the only way to explain why council refuses to ask for the money that we are legally entitled to and why staff and the town attorneys keep making up excuses.

I am commenting on the last news article in the Vail Daily, where again a town attorney states that it is the lawsuit over Ginn ownership that is holding up our money.

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Why, then, is Ginn now willing to spend $30.48 million cash to buy the Columbine Ditch for water for his project but refuses to give the town of Minturn the $11.6 million that he promised us? The source for the Columbine Ditch information is from the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper. Go to to read more.

Also, if anyone is keeping track, I am right and I told the truth when I said that Ginn didn’t have enough water rights to supply the project. Minturn and Ginn keep saying, to this day, that Ginn has plenty of water. If he has plenty of water, why is he trying to spend $30.48 million to buy more water?

He only paid a little more than $30 million for the entire 5,300 acres that supposedly included plenty of water for his project. Evidently the other water grab that Minturn and Ginn have been trying to do is not going so well.

Can’t wait to hear our town attorney’s excuse on this matter. Time will tell that I was right on more issues. Hopefully, the residents of Minturn will stand up and try to correct council’s mistakes and misleading information ” otherwise they are in for a rude awakening.

I guess when the Ginn Co. signs your check, you have to play along with the bosses’ game.

Ginn has already paid the town more than a million dollars. The residents have seen none of it, so in order not to upset their boss, Minturn has chosen to make excuses as to why we cannot have the $11.6 million. There is still the $22 million to buy up forest land so the town can develop it, and Ginn still has to pay to build the sewer plant.

Many of you took time to go to the meetings, did research, went out and voted. Don’t you think that you deserve something for your time and effort? I do.

If we got that money today, we could stimulate the local economy by providing jobs, and also, in today’s economy, that $6 million for the recreation center could get us a bigger and better rec center than if we wait three to five years from now, if ever, when costs will go up. We could lower taxes, provide a sidewalk for south Minturn, improve our water lines and infrastructure, provide a scholarship fund, etc.

Let’s call this Minturn’s Economic Stimulus Package that would show results to the local residents in a way that no other government stimulus package has done so far.

Please remember that Ginn now wants to spend $30.48 million cash for water with a current pending lawsuit but refuses to give us the $11.6 million, with the same current pending lawsuit, that he and council promised us!

The one who controls the money controls the rules of the game. That is all it is to Ginn, a game for him to get wealthy by, and he plays it well.

Welcome to Ginnturn.

Frank Lorenti


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