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Minturn’s money

Frank Lorenti Minturn

Minturn, where is the $180 million?

According to the Town Council, Minturn was supposed to get $180 million from Ginn, but yet we pay some of the highest property tax and some of the highest water and sewer rates in Colorado.

Remember Councilman Jerry Bumgarner said if the vote was yes, we could expect lower taxes.

Don’t you think it would be nice to have more money every month to buy groceries, gas and spend money on our children?

Keeping our taxes lower would help our senior citizens who are on fixed incomes. Minturn Town Council needs to do what they said and lower our taxes and water rates.

Some lady wrote about how great the July 4th party was. For $180 million we get a free hot dog.

Quick update, Mayor Hawkeye Flaherty said in a town meeting that he wants the town to buy a unit at Stratton Flats in Gypsum to house town of Minturn employees. He does not want locals owning in Minturn, only second-home owners who can charge high rent to locals.

Hawkeye, the response time, if one of our police officers lived there, would be more 30 minutes.

He voted yes on the Ginn annexation, which is supposed to include employee housing for Minturn employees. I guess he forgot.

Hawkeye also said he doesn’t know where to get money to fix our streets ” $180 million and Minturn is broke.

If any Minturnites have kids going to college this year, you had better demand some of the scholarship money from the town manager and town council.

They sure aren’t going to make it easy for you. Remember there are $350,000 only getting about 3 percent interest. the way our staff has structured the account, that money will not be there long.

Do not hesitate and lose out on your money. The majority of you voted yes, so go get your money.

On a personal note. I took some criticism on getting Waste Management out of Minturn but it was worth it.

I had a bear visit last week and the simple-to-use trash container provided by Vail Honeywagon did its job. It got knocked over, but did not open.

A big thank you to Vail Honeywagon for the containers and for the recycling program.

We need to somehow co-exist with the animals and this is one small step.

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