Minturn’s town business goes cyber |

Minturn’s town business goes cyber

Tamara Miller
Special to the Daily The home page of Minturn's new Web site at

Things are a-changing in Minturn, most would agree.While residents may debate whether those changes are for the best, certainly most can say the town’s new Web site is a good thing.

For years, Internet users logging on to were greeted with a few pictures and then a note declaring the site was “under construction.” The site launched Wednesday. “It’s a wonderful web site,” said Nicole Magistro, events planner for the town. “It’s a mix of the historical flavor of Minturn and the Minturn of today.”Users can download applications and forms, read up on Minturn’s Centennial celebration and e-mail town staff with questions or comments.Susan Mitchell of Mitchell and Associates created the Web site. Making the site easy to use was her first goal, which is why you won’t find hard-to-download pictures or complex graphics on this site, she said.

“My neighbor is 95,” Mitchell said. “I know for sure if she even has a computer, it has a low dial-up modem. I don’t want her getting frustrated while trying to open the first page.” The site aims to to connect residents and business owners with the town government, as well as inform residents and visitors of the goings-on in Minturn. With Minturn’s upcoming centennial celebration in November, there is particular emphasis on the section dedicated to the town’s history. Users can download a timeline of events in Minturn’s history, look at historical photographs and find out about upcoming centennial events.

Forms from the town’s planning department aren’t available on the site yet, but they will be soon, Magistro said. The town recently has increased efforts to keep the public informed. While the Web site is a tool in meeting that goal, town officials still plan to send out a newsletter to residents so those who don’t use a computer can still stay in the loop, Mitchell said. Vail, Colorado

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