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Misplaced outrage

Don Rogers

Thomas Friedman made the key point in his New York Times column this week about the Newsweek retraction of a report that U.S. interrogators threw a Quran into a Guantanamo toilet. The report, based on one anonymous, second-hand source (sigh), is blamed for touching off protests in the Muslim world, killing at least 16 people. The fury is white hot, even with the retraction.So, Friedman asks, where’s the outrage from Muslims murdering other Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere? Baathists and suicide bombers have killed 400 Iraqi Muslims in just the last month.The message to the world is that Muslims killing Muslims is OK, just don’t mishandle the holy book? Is that really what Islam is about? How about what’s inside the Quran on how to best conduct life? The brutality, evil acts and upheaval continuing in an Iraq turning democratic may serve political purposes for regional governments. But it doesn’t follow the values of the religion.Here’s how Friedman ends his column: “The best way to honor the Quran is to live by the cherished values of mercy and compassion that it propagates.”What too much of the Muslim world doesn’t understand is that it’s not the binding that matters, but the message itself. Vail, Colorado

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