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Mixed-media artist Chris Lundy visits Art on a Whim in Vail

"Autumn's Embrace" by Chris Lundy
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Who: Mixed-media artist Chris Lundy. Meet Lundy and hear him discuss his newest work.

Where: Art on a Whim, 227 Bridge St., Vail.

When: Today and Saturday.

More information: Call 970-476-4883.

VAIL — The work of mixed-media artist Chris Lundy is all about reflection. The glue that holds Lundy’s collection together and truly separates him from his artistic counterparts is the multi-dimensional, luminescent, color-changing, light-refracting properties found in every new creation.

Lundy’s mastery of the modern illuminist technique means that viewers literally see themselves in his work. Modern illuminism, while contemporary in approach, traces its roots to Renaissance painter Matthias Grunewald and later to masters such as Rembrandt and William Turner. The technique is defined by the art of reflecting light through painting. Thanks to his unbridled enthusiasm and the deep desire to rise to the top of the art world at an early age, Lundy began experimenting with earnest in his early 20s. Still at the young age of 30, and completely self-taught, Lundy has pushed Modern Illuminism to new depths through the use of innovative materials. Many viewers mistake Lundy’s works for blown glass, sand, geodes, marble or other beautiful, naturally occurring materials that have been manipulated and shaped into form on canvas. The reflective quality in Lundy’s work comes from the fact that his pieces are anywhere from a single layer to 15 layers deep.

Epoxy resin is the main component in each of Lundy’s originals. Both shiny and clear, the material is often referred to as liquid glass. Most often when used in fine artwork, a clear coat of resin is poured over the top of a painting. Lundy’s technique of fusing color into multiple layers of the material provides each piece with a 3D quality. Layers of color seemingly float over underlying layers. Each piece beckons the viewer to look closely in order to discover the base layers of the painting.

Lundy in Vail

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Both “Aspen Twilight” and “Autumn’s Embrace” are new additions to his Nature’s Beauty series. In “Aspen Twilight,” the sky sparkles with shades of blue and dynamic movement, making one wonder about the places shooting stars go when they disappear. Three sculpted aspens stand to witness the scene. “Autumn’s Embrace” is a wonderful example of the color shifting effect Lundy achieves with his work. Gold mountains bask beneath a bronze and burgundy sky, while silver shimmers throughout the painting as the viewer walks past it. Six sculpted aspens frame the scene from a hillside in the foreground.


Each of Lundy’s new works is on display at the Art on a Whim gallery in Vail Village. The gallery launched Lundy’s career several years ago and has been struck by the response his work has received.

“There is a depth to Lundy’s work and him as a person that is missing from the rest of the world,” said owner Brian Raitman. “His paintings make people stop in their tracks and contemplate not only how they were created, but also the significant meaning behind each piece. In a word, they are fascinating; as is the evolution we have seen in the artist over the years.”

Lundy will be in the gallery discussing his work today and Saturday, with receptions planned for each evening. Call 970-476-4883 to learn more.

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