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Mixed media exalt Denver Art Museum’s summer

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Special to the Daily "Mask Series No. 10," - 1998, by Zeng Fanzhi. Oil on canvas; 783Ú4 x 70-3Ú4 inches - comes from the collection of Vicki and Kent Logan as a fractional and promised gift for the "Full Frontal" exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, which ends May 23.

The Denver Art Museum presents a selection of sculptures, paintings, videos and photographs by Colorado artists from the Museum’s collection in “Scene Colorado/Sin Colorado” – Sin Colorado is Spanish for “without red.”

The exhibit opens May 8th and runs through August 22nd. Many of the works on view have not been seen in many years and a select few have never been exhibited before.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Robert Adams, Mark Amerika, Stephen Batura, Dale Chisman, Albert Chong, Richard DeVore, John McEnroe, Beverly Rosen, James Surls, Gary Sweeney and several others. The exhibition borrows its title from a work by Gary Sweeney.

General admission to the Denver Art Museum is free for Colorado residents every Saturday.

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‘Changing Seasons’

“Changing Seasons: Coverlets from the Museum’s Collection” portrays 19th-century households with regard to their cherished woven coverlets.

Extremely versatile, these reversible bedcovers could be switched in tune with the seasons from a dark background to a light background. Commissioned from professional weavers, the coverlets on view from the museum’s textile collection contain inscriptions or small markings in their lower corners that give us a window into their history – who owned them, who made them, where they were created and when. The motifs and patterns of these furnishings parallel the artistic tastes of the times.

The exhibit opens on May 22nd.

Ongoing Exhibitions

“Painting a New World: Mexican Art and Life, 1521-1821,” which is organized by the Denver Art Museum, is the largest exhibition of Mexican colonial paintings ever assembled outside of Mexico.

The exhibit will be on view through July 25, 2004. Painting a New World brings together works from Spain, Austria, France, Italy, and Hungary as well as the United States and Mexico, many of which have never been exhibited.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience traditional daily Mexican colonial life through the eyes of the artists and the people and places portrayed.

“Embroidered Memories: The Applique Tapestries of Arlette Rose Gosiewski,” is an exhibit that ends on Sunday, May 9th.

In the mid 1970s, Arlette Rose Gosiewski lived in Pine, Colo., in a two-room schoolhouse with few modern amenities. Fascinated with the fast-disappearing history of the American frontier, she spoke with old-timers, researched photo archives and visited remaining historic sites. Her understanding of olden times and places inspires her work. After making a preliminary sketch, Gosiewski cuts fabric shapes that she appliques, embroiders and embellishes to evoke the look and spirit of the era.

“Full Frontal: Contemporary Asian Artists from the Logan Collection” runs through May 23, 2004.

In December 2001, Vicki and Kent Logan donated more than 200 artworks from the 1980s and ’90s to the museum’s modern and contemporary art collection, including works by contemporary Asian artists who not only reflect their cultural backgrounds, but also address issues affecting the societies in which they live.

The exhibit represents artists from China, Singapore and Taiwan, and works on view include pieces by Hung Tung-lu, Su-en Wong, Yu Youhan, Zeng Fanzhi and Zhang Huan.

“A Family: Portraits by Jim Torok,” runs through June 27th.

A Denver couple recently commissioned Jim Torok to paint individual portraits of themselves, their children and spouses and their grandchildren. This exhibition presents all 23 works, each measuring only 5×4 inches. The head-and-shoulder portraits were done with the aid of photographs. Torok frequently works from photographs, seeking unaffected countenances of the sitters.

“Heaven and Home: Chinese Art of the Han Dynasty,” comes from the Sze Hong Collection, and runs through December 19th.

During the Han dynasty (206 B.C. – A.D. 220), the Chinese made tomb objects to accompany the deceased into the afterlife. One aspect of this practice prepared for the soul’s journey from one world to another, and burial items included mountain-shaped jars depicting a celestial realm inhabited by spirits and mythical creatures. A second aspect of Chinese belief viewed the afterlife as a continuation of earthly existence, so tomb furnishings reproduced household buildings, livestock and daily provisions. Sculptures of watchdogs and domestic fowl assured animal companionship, while various vessels and containers held food offerings and other commodities.

“Cheyenne Visions II” offers a perspective on the history, art and contemporary view of the Cheyenne people. Guest-curated by Gordon Yellowman, Cheyenne chief and artist, in collaboration with the Denver Art Museum staff, this exhibit combines Cheyenne art works in the museum’s collection with 20 oversized color photographs that reveal the powerful cultural history between Cheyenne people and their art.

“The Harmsen Collection: A Colorado Legacy” features 30 pieces of western and American Indian art collected by long-time Colorado residents and founders of the Jolly Rancher Candy Company, Dorothy and Bill Harmsen, Sr.

“New Classics” features some of the greatest contemporary pieces from the Museum’s American Indian collections. This exhibition boasts important works from artists including Dan Namingha, Emmi Whitehorse, Mateo Romero and Kevin Red Star.

The Denver Art Museum is located in downtown Denver between Broadway and Bannock on 13th Avenue. The Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.; Wednesday until 9 p.m.; Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.; closed Mondays and most major holidays. For more information, call 720-865-5000 or visit the Museum’s Website at http://www.denverartmuseum.org.



Friday, May 7

Wine 101 Seminar – 5:30-6:15 p.m., hosted by Jeff Tufford. $25 per person.

DAM Uncorked – Wine Tasting at Denver Art Museum from 6-9 p.m. $75 per person and $30 for designated drivers.

Saturday, May 8th

Scene Colorado/Sin Colorado exhibit opens. For information or reservations, call 720-913-0039.

Now through July 25th

Tours available for Painting a New World: Mexican Art and Life, 1521-1821, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. Tours in Spanish are available at 1 p.m. on Sundays.

May 22, 2004 – October 17, 2004

Changing Seasons: Coverlets from the Museum’s Collection.

Ending May 9th

“Embroidered Memories: The Applique Tapestries of Arlette Rose Gosiewski.”

Ending May 23rd

“Full Frontal: Contemporary Asian Artists from the Logan Collection.”

Ending June 27th

“A Family: Portraits by Jim Torok.”

Tuesdays, April 13-May 25, 7 p.m., at the Acoma Center, 1080 Acoma St.

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